Monday, February 2, 2009

Communication Styles

Whenever we communicate, we do so on different levels. What I have found is there are four different types of communication styles that people use. Many times these styles are used together— while other times they are used independently. I am going to give a brief description of each, then use separate postings to describe them in more detail.

Anything you see is a part of visual communication. This includes things like body language, as well as the written word.
Anything that makes a sound is a part of verbal communication— but mostly this is whatever is spoken through language that comes out of your mouth.
Anything that comes in contact with you is a part of physical communication. I also refer to this as "touch" communication because we do so through our sense of touch.
Emotions and feelings about someone is a part of spiritual communication. Even though this is completely intangible, we are still able to communicate and somehow recognize it as such.

All of these communication styles can, and have been used by all of us to communicate with others. Some are easier to use, and some styles are even preferred over others. Think about which styles you prefer to use, and which you are the strongest at— then ponder how you can hold a dialog using each.

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