Saturday, February 14, 2009

How I met my wife

Being that it is Valentine's day I thought I would tell the story of how I met my wife:

I met my wife on a Sunday. That day I did not actually meet her until coffee hour when I brought some spinach dip… and may have been explaining to someone how I made it when she was in line for coffee. Being the recruiter that I am I always sit with new visitors who come to church— she was no exception. Interestingly we wound up talking about a lot of things. It seems that she went to a wedding the night before and was talking about how she liked to dance. I also found out that she sang in her church choir— and was visiting because of a former member who recently joined our choir asked her to come.

We talked and talked and eventually felt like we should go because everybody else left— but felt that we shouldn't end the discussion so abruptly. So we went over to Zephers and had breakfast together and finished our conversation.

After breakfast I walked her back to her car. We exchanged phone numbers and said we would try and get together some time.

I never quite remember if I called her that week— but we obviously did get together. At the time I felt that she was a very interesting person and at least I could have a dancing partner.

Looking back on the day— I never realized that our conversation would eventually lead to what it has become today.

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