Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute: Followers-of-the-Blog-01

When Tuesday Tribute was created— I had an idea to do a spotlight on my followers. I thought… what a great way of promoting their blogs and give them credit for bearing with my narrative/technical-writer style of writing. I decided to write to those followers that I could and ask two questions so that their words could be a part of the post:

  1. What reason do you have for following my blog?
    I know this may seem selfish, but I am curious what motivated you to sign up.
  2. Why do you think that others follow your own blog?
    I know why I do and will let you know in my post along with my impressions on what your blog is to me.

Interestingly the number of followers I have has increased from twenty-three to thirty since I started sending out the questionnaire… so I stopped sending it out after my 30th follower. Also… I know that some followers I could either not send the message to— or have not received their reply. If you are one of these followers, please feel free to answer as a comment, or send me your answers so I can update the remaining posts.

I decided I would list my followers in the order in which they signed up. I realized that posting on all of my followers would be a very long post— so I am breaking it up into smaller manageable pieces. Here is what my first ten followers have to say:

Mina @ The World According to the Little Fish

When I was first aware of followers I never knew how to tell if I had any. I kept adding the widget and previewing my page— until that faithful day that my control panel said 1 Follower. Thank you first follower. I find the name of the blog very interesting— almost a hearkening to some cartoon out there… I couldn't resist. I especially find Mina's insight into life very enriching to hear. She recently had posts on the twelve days of Christmas that I found very clever and entertaining. Here are Mina's answers:

  1. Well, I think you followed me first. And I tend to follow my followers as a you're scratching my back kind of thing. That said, yours is one of my favorite stalks. You are a little different than a lot of what I read. You are thought provoking, insightful, and I can never predict what your topic will be. I like different and I LOVE to think. I also like that we've emailed beyond the comments occasionally. Makes you feel like a friend and not just black and maroon block that I follow.
  2. I hope that folks follow me because they like what they read. I guess I can't know that for sure, but that's the goal, right? I can be introspective, and I think that appeals to people. It took some work, though, to get a following going. A lot of it was reading and commenting and following myself. People become interested in those who are interested in them. I gained a silly amount of followers when I held a give-away during a week when I was nominated for a spotlight on Mormon Mommy Blogs. Some of them are reading and commenting, and a lot of them never returned. And that's fine. I'd rather make connections than have a ton of readers who don't appreciate what I do.
Deb @ Dirty Socks & Pizza

I know that I followed Deb because she was one of the organizers of Mission: Monday which was a great way that I could find out about other people's blogs. Three featured bloggers each ask a question about one of their posts. You leave a comment (but not the answer) and Deb and Jay pull a name out of a hat (or something like that) and post a winner. When I saw that she was following me I thought "Cool!! I may just be one of those featured bloggers… I better not forget what I just posted". Unfortunately, Mission: Monday has been retired— perhaps Deb and Jay got tired of looking for the hat, or forgetting to pass the hat to the other each week… all the same they are now hosting Tuesday Tribute which I am participating in today. Here are Deb's answers to my questions:

  1. I follow your blog because it is thought provoking and fun. I find your blog to be extremely varied, with poems, recipes (darn that warm milk!), and vignettes from your life. You lay it out simply, yet profoundly, and leave the reader (me, anyway) thinking. You also obviously pay attention to life, and I like that. You notice and question the little things. I feel like by following your blog, I may avoid getting Alzheimer's. But, backing up, I first noticed your blog through your presence on mine (talk about seeming selfish!). That weird pink and black avatar is hard to miss, and your comments struck me as thoughtful and kind... not just fluff.
  2. I think people follow me for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, most follow me because they feel welcome and accepted. Life is messy and no body's perfect and i want people to see the humanity and beauty in imperfection. I am sure some started following me back when we were giving away stuff on the Mission: Monday. Others probably just feel better about their lives, knowing mine is such a disaster.
Wendyburd1 @ Pessimistically Optimistic Meanderings....by Wendy

I don't quite remember if I followed first or not— sorry. I am impressed with the fact that many posts are quite detailed— but what impresses me the most is the fact that Wendy confesses to be a hunt-and-peck typer (and I'll never break the 65 wpm barrier). If you like reviews she will usually post a review about a movie she recently rented or saw in the theater (Siskel & Ebert— eat your heart out). Here is what Wendy has to say:

  1. Well I think you made a comment on a post of mine, and as I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read what I have to say AND leave a comment, I HAD to check your blog out. And I LIKED it! You jump from one subject to the next ( I do it too, can't help it!), so it is never boring, I like not knowing what to expect. And you have so many opinions and speak how you honestly feel, and I appreciate that in a person and a blog.
  2. I hope people follow me, well because they like me and what I have to say. I hope they appreciate that I try to be completely honest, even when things are rocky. Blogs where it always seems to be happy all the time have no interest to me, I want to SEE the human-ness. And that is what I try to give back. I hope they see my blog as a "arms wide open" to all, LOL. And I know some started following me because I found some great friends as soon as I began my blog, and I think they know who they are. *Hugs*
Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and little boys

I believe I followed because she followed me (it was so long ago I can't remember). Denise is currently participating in 365 Days of Grace where she lists five things that she is grateful for each day of the year. It is always nice to be able to know that the little things in life make living life worth living. I currently don't have anything from you Denise— so you can just comment and leave your answers… I'll adjust the post accordingly.

Tony @ That One Particular Harbor

I know I followed Tony because of some "six degrees of separation" to someone else I was following at the time. I'm not sure if it was OldBoatGuy… through Crash, or CK Lunchbox— I'm not about to call the Internet Police and have them run a Trace on my following habits either. I really like the depth of Tony's writing and find many posts very well written and thought provoking. Here is what Tony has to say:

  1. I signed up and follow your blog for your perspective on the world. You are one of the few guys I have come across that blog and do it well. I think we can all gain a little something from our colleagues/ blogleagues perspectives.
  2. Honest ? Hell if I know. Boredom, maybe they have had too much to drink and stumble across that on particular harbor, looking for a shelter from the storm? Maybe some find me interesting, humorous, a fresh perspective on the world form a deranged mind and insightful?

    Seriously, I have a few loyal followers whom I consider to be bloggy friends. I appreciate their support a great deal and try to reciprocate the best I can. I blog as a way to share with my family who lives far away. I blog to vent and rant about things that I just plain feel I need to sound off about for my own sanity. I am not an everyday blogger. I have a 60-65hr week job and 2 kids and a wife . So I guess that is 3 kids. I do it because I like to write. I always have ever since college. My football teammates used to joke me about my endless writing contest entries. I would joke them about their grades.

Kristen @ Something about nothin

I may have followed Kristen because she commented on my blog and I found her page quite interesting. I like the running theme that she uses— especially the avatar of herself running in place. There is a wide variety of interesting topics here ranging from the many awards she gives to deserving bloggers to everyday happenings around the house. Here is what Kristen has to say:

  1. I saw your comments on other blogs. The name Ca-joh looked interesting so I clicked over to you to see what it meant. I also read one of your poems and liked how they rhyme. It's also interesting to see the male side of blogville.
  2. Good question. I try to make people laugh so maybe I do and that's why they follow.
angi_b72 @ Making memories

I probably followed this blog because they followed me. This blog has a variety of things that change every day. There are many blog activities that Angi participates in including Tuesday Tributes. It is interesting to find her take on those things she gets tagged on. Even those posts that are strictly her own are very entertaining and fun to read. Here is what Angi has to say:

  1. Originally the reason I signed up was to keep in contact with my sister at mommys take on things…who lives in California. To keep up with her and my niece and nephew and to share pics etc. Then it became an addiction…comments. followers, i love writing my feelings and thoughts, love getting input and ideas, advice…love reading about other peoples lives and families. It is like an outlet and i don't know what i would do without it some days!!
  2. Sometimes I think people follow me because of the pretty blog layout my sister made for me for Christmas!! lol I would like to think that people like what i write and like my style of writing. I am a sarcastic person and i know that it is hard to type sarcasm without people taking offense…but i hope people just enjoy it and get a laugh out of it!!
Mama Wheaton @ The Unperfect Mom

Mama Wheaton has started a series of Sunday Suppers whereby she posts recipes that are quick and inexpensive. It's always nice to be able to get some new dishes to try. Here is what Mama Wheaton has to say:

  1. I tried to remember how I came to your blog and I can't remember, I have to admit that I seem to have very little memory capacity, just ask my kids. I think it all started with the Polar Bear plunge back in December. Wait it was the friends with my friends, that was the first one. I like your honesty and the way you write that seems personal. I mean like you write as if you are only sending your words to one person.
  2. I feel like I haven't found my voice yet for the blog. I haven't yet really ventured in the writing (like you do). All of my blogs (most) are skimming on the surface of what I want to say. Maybe some people can read below the surface.
The Blog Stalker @ Blog Stalkers Unite
Author's Note: This blog ended in 2009 and is no longer posting.

This one I opted not to contact because it seems obvious— The Blog Stalker must stalk blogs. This is a blog that lists other blogs so that you can visit them. If you are ever at a loss for new blogs to read, this is the place to go. Also, if you want more exposure to your own blog you can sign up to be listed. Just be aware that some people will comment and say "just stopping by from BSU". This makes me think that it is Ball State, or Boise State or some other BS University— but then I remember that it stands for Blog Stalkers Unite. If the Blog Stalker wants to comment and say if there is any other reason for following other than the obvious, feel free to do so. I will edit this post and show your answers.

Vodka Mom @ I Need a Martini Mom

I think I started following this blog because I liked the names used. Who can't resist reading about someone who has such a sarcastic name for their blog. I love the fact that she's a teacher and I find the stories she tells about her days at school quite entertaining. Here is what Vodka Mom has to say:

  1. Yikes-let's see. I follow you because you are in Education!! (somewhat) That's a big plus for me, Also, I think that you write very well. Your words flow together nicely, and your posts are always interesting, delightful and insightful. I also love the loving way you speak about your wife (That's another bonus.) (I also find your comments on other blogs great.)
  2. As to why people follow me?? I have no fucking idea. I think, perhaps, that people like to laugh. But I could be wrong.

Stay tuned— more to follow next week… or is that more followers to follow (now I'm getting confused).

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