Monday, March 9, 2009

Pretty vs. Beautiful

When describing people I have seen that many use the terms Pretty and Beautiful interchangeably. I have used distinct definitions of these words for many years and would like to show you how I use these terms to describe people:

Ah, the pretty people. These are the ones that are also called "eye-candy" to me. They seem too good to be true and appear quite shallow in their attitudes towards others. I am not saying that people who look good are always the pretty ones— but rather those who are immature and appear to only be "what you see is what you get" types.
It is said that "beauty is only skin deep"— but I tend to think of it as the opposite in that beauty is what is inside and not what is on the outside. People who have a depth of character are beautiful to me. I also feel that beauty is representative in how mature you are. If you have a mature outlook on life— then you have a beautiful way of seeing things.

One way of looking at the differences is through an alliteration— Pretty Petty and Beautiful Being. Those who are pretty are also petty— and those who are beautiful know how to just be.

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