Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moving without moving

One day while I was driving my wife turns to me and says: "look at me…" at which point she freezes with her eyes wide and her mouth half open then says: "I'm moving without moving!" At the time it seemed very much in jest— but I am amazed as to how profound she actually was. Besides the fact that we were driving along while she froze her pose— there was a lot of other moving without moving going on.

Even if we stopped and she froze her pose, you have to realize that the earth is rotating. Then you have to take into consideration that the earth is orbiting around the sun— the solar system is orbiting around the center of the galaxy— the galaxy is moving relative to the super-cluster— the super-cluster is moving relative to other super-clusters and the overall shape of the universe. And if you believe in the concept of multiverse, our universe is moving relative to other universes. That's a lot of movement… but wait there's more…

All of the blood in her posed body is moving around the body nourishing the cells which are growing constantly. The blood itself is made of molecules which move around within the cell walls of the blood cell— the molecules are made of atoms which move within the molecule— the atoms are made of sub-atomic particles which move about within the atom… etc., etc. And if you believe in the cyclical nature of things— then those sub-sub-atomic particles could also be universes… things that make you go hmmm.

So… no matter how hard you try you will always be moving without moving. My wife and I heard the term "stillness illness" which is the nauseous feeling you get when you have been moving for a long time then stop. I wonder what would happen if everything really did stop moving— how ill we all would be…

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