Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking for Love in all the wrong places

I still haven't found what I'm looking for

I have seen several posts recently where people list all the crazy search terms that people use to find their blog. Unfortunately I don't have any of those— but I can admit that I have seen some other interesting things.

One interesting thing that I have seen is that many of my post titles exactly match the search term. Who in their right mind would think of searching for something as precise as "traditional letter writing". However, this is not where the interest ends. I have noticed that ever since I posted my poem ascii love, the term "ascii love" has been searched for at least 18 times:

But wait— it gets weirder…

If you look closer at the country of origin for all these searches it is clear that they are not from my country of origin. It makes me wonder… who are these people— and why are they all looking for ascii love?? I can understand England— but some of the other countries just don't make sense.

My guess is that they are actually looking for Muskrat Love— but their keyboard translation doesn't work and it winds up being ascii love instead. I just don't believe that my Sphere of Influence is that strong in that my work is secretly being passed around the globe— (hey, have you seen Ca-Joh's poem of the word love spelled at an angle…).

Someone mentioned to me that perhaps it is the Google Police checking up on me (oh how thoughtful) and it's their global agents at work keeping me in "check"— Nah… but then again….

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