Thursday, February 5, 2009

Touch Communication

Anything that you perceive through physical contact is considered touch communication. Even sound can be perceived through touch because the sound waves move the air as they pass by your body. Touch communication is typically considered to be the most intimate of the types. We must understand that we are invading people's personal space when we do make physical contact— which is why touch communication is so intimate. Because of this intimacy— it is also the most avoided and misunderstood type of communication.

I must admit that I am not very fluent in touch communication. I admire those people who can do so without being labeled as one of those "touchy" people. I think that people tend to view touch as only sexual in nature and not used in a supportive role like visual is with verbal communication. A simple touch can be so grand— yet we tend to shy away from it for fear of being too forward.

Like any form of communication, touch communication has its own vocabulary. What does it mean when you place your hand on someones shoulder— is it being supportive… or something else. I believe that the meaning of a physical action depends upon what context you are in as well as the recipient's understanding of that action. How then can we have a dialog that uses touch?

I think that most people can be more aware of how others react to touch and be able to communicate without having the other overreact. Reaching an understanding through the other forms of communication helps to assure the other what you actually "mean" and leads towards better dialog overall.

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