Thursday, March 5, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Normal is…

In honor of Mamma Kat's Writer's Workshop I am taking on Prompt #2:

Normal is…

… just a word made by people to help point out our differences. If we begin to understand that everybody is different, then we cannot fully comprehend what "Normal" is. We could get overly technical and insist that it "falls within given parameters" but even that requires some sort of quantification.

I do not think that if people want us to be unique they use a term such as Normal to describe themselves and others. I like using the term average rather than normal to describe myself. There really isn't anything that stands out with me— either good or bad. If not standing out is considered normal, than that is what I am as well.

Hey— what are you planning on doing with that axe… what do you mean I have to get off my soap box now…

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