Monday, December 14, 2009

Yey no more drafts

Last week I cleared out my drafts that have been sitting in my drafts for almost a year. I remember putting those four posts up sometime before the beginning of the year last year and now I have finally put them out there.

I guess this is more of a place-holder so that I can get something out there. The odd thing is that I am off today and I didn't have something lined up to post. Now I have to come up with something so that I don't go an entire week without a post.

Something that I found is that when you post something and you think it is well written, you never know if it is understood until someone else looks at it. I truly appreciate all of your comments on my Friendship Posts last week. It is rather unfortunate that I had training from Wednesday through Friday and I couldn't follow up with clarifications and counter arguments because I was too mentally exhausted to get on-line and do so.

Perhaps what I'm looking for is some suggestions on things that I can post— or more importantly, other strategies for writing posts. I do not want to have drafts that are in my drafts for too long again. Nor do I want to worry about not having any drafts at all. Do you have drafts, or are you the kind of person that writes all of their posts and posts them right away?

Any advise is greatly appreciated,

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