Thursday, December 31, 2009

Inclusive resolutions

For 2009 I resolved to be more inclusive with my wife. I resolved to try and include her in more of the plans and activities that I do so that she does not feel left out. This in itself seems quite noble— but in reality it has been very difficult to do.

Perhaps it is because I did not define it very well. I sometimes make resolutions that are vague so that I can create some sort of accomplishment and have some wiggle room to make it work. Unfortunately, this one was very vague and did not contain any objective goals that I can look upon and say to myself that I am moving in the right direction.

Perhaps it is because I told my wife about it. Sometimes if someone knows your plans they can object to them a lot easier. I think that because I told her, she knows that I am trying and can therefore call me on it if I fail. If I did not tell her my resolution, then perhaps if I did fail I would be the one who could hold my failure against me.

As with all of my resolutions, they do not stop with the end of the year. I can use my lack of accomplishment for this resolution as a motivator to keep this one in my back pocket and strive to look for progress without the time constraint of one year.

Do you have resolutions from this past year, or even next year? Did you manage to keep your resolutions? Do you let your resolutions carry over to the next year, or do you make new ones for the upcoming year?

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