Monday, December 21, 2009

Office Christmas Party

The other day, my wife asked me "What do you wish for for Christmas". Knowing full well that she had something in mind herself— I reversed the question to her and this is what I got:

"I wish I could go to one of those Office Christmas Parties they have on the movies from the 50's". I know what she means. If any of you have ever seen those Office Christmas Parties from Desk Set and The Apartment you know what she means too.

How many Office Parties have you gone to where everybody is drinking, nobody is working— people are out in the copy room making out, etc. etc.? I must admit that I have not ever attended one of those— but I have had some nice ones over the years. The best one I went to was when they put us on a boat for a dinner cruise.

I think that due to Political Correctness and Sexual Harassment— those parties are now a thing of the past. In fact— a lot of them are no longer even called Christmas Parties. More like "A Celebration of the Cold Weather" but even that may be offending too.

As I like a good story— any of you have great Office Parties that you have attended. Any great stories to tell about them… Do tell.

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