Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogging The Brand

Today I'm putting my own spin on the Spin Cycle's topic:
Behind the scenes of a blog.

So often we hear about brand loyalty. There are some people who will only buy certain products because of the brand it has— even if there is a less expensive product that is just as good. How can we as writers show our blog's "Brand" and gain readers.

There is a concept in the business world called "Living the Brand"1. In this concept, a person has a picture in their mind as to how they want to be perceived by other co-workers, and even their customers. This picture is their brand. Using this picture, the person then strives to present themselves so that they will be perceived by others according to the brand.

How do you present yourself through your blog? In the article by Tara entitled: Your online identity: the art & business of crafting your online self, she talks about communicating your "true self" through your online identity.

I have a statement: "Be true to yourself as your own self true". In this context this means that whatever you are writing, you need to be truthful. You cannot make up some persona if it is not the true you— nor can you write things that are simply untrue.

Many of you have either commented or communicated to me your impressions on my writing style. I have even had some people mention the way in which I comment on their blogs. With these words I get a sense of validation— and with that I am both moved and humbled.

If you are new here, or just curious as to what I am writing about— feel free to read my About this Blog page. I feel that it is a good mission statement and offers a flavor of the topics I cover.

I strive to live my brand in that I don't just say the words I say to impress you, or impose my philosophy upon you— but rather impart of myself to you so that you can know "me" a bit better. Through my writing and comments I am "Blogging The Brand" and striving to live up to those words I convey.

1 More information about this concept can be found on the site:
Living The Brand.

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