Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time for Planting

This post is brought to you by Blogging Mama Andrea @ Blogging Mama Andrea. Spring is in the air— and Blogging Mama is ready to talk about it:

It's spring. Or at least the idea of spring has arrived in my neighborhood. Outside the kitchen window the blades of grass are starting to turn from palest yellow to a hint of lush summer green. The geese in the pond behind my yard honk and flap and sing the news that warmer weather is hiding just around the corner.

Earlier this month, during one of many trips to Home Depot, the spring fever flew to another level. Already hardy flowers are on carts at the front doors and inside gleaming silver grills are screaming out for hot dogs and hamburgers. Even my kids were tempted by the idea of running outside without winter boots and wool hats.

When spring arrives it brings with it the joy of more daylight, warmer temperatures and fresh air. I'm looking forward to the day when I can throw open the windows. The kids run around pushing out the stagnant winter air as if they were chasing out the boogie man. The house smells fresh and almost indescribable after a good spring airing.

Spring to me is the start of something good. It means more time out of doors, kids zooming around the cul-de-sac on bikes, time after time climbing the slide at the park and plenty of barbeques. Everyone has a different idea of what spring is.

What does spring mean to you?

Blogging Mama Andrea

Blogging Mama


SciFi Dad said...

Spring means "load up on the muscle relaxants because your wife's going to make you do yard work again".

kyooty said...

Spring is on the way, I know it, but I just don't FEEL it yet. I think the large patch of snow is keeping me in winter mode.
Spring here means MUD! I sent hubbie and 2/3 boys out last week to buy NEW rubber boots!

Unknown said...

SciFi - LOL!
Kyooty - Fun boots always make it more springy. Hope it reaches you soon.

steenky bee said...

I both love and hate spring. Is that odd? I love it for the weather, the re-birth, but then I despise it because I know hot Utah summer weather is soon to follow. I hate summer.

Cajoh said...

Thank you Blogging Mama Andrea for helping me out today. There's always that tease of spring. I think that places like Home Depot take advantage of that tease and let you "buy" into the myth that spring is here to stay.

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