Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday will be your lucky day

When I was in High School I was riding with my sister who upon seeing a car with one headlight turned to me and said: "pick a day of the week"— to which I replied: "Tuesday", then she said: "then Tuesday will be your lucky day". I don't know why… but every time after that I've always picked Tuesday as my lucky day.

Being the detail oriented person that I am I have to try and quantify the ritual and determine if the right or left light being out has any significance on the luck granted— or if the slate gets wiped clean after a lucky day occurred. The same adherence to the ritual I also apply to fortune cookies— does seeing your fortune immediately when you open the cookie make any difference if your fortune comes true or not.

I don't consider myself to be a superstitious person, but I always wondered if any Tuesdays were lucky for me. Looking back on the lucky days in my life I never saw any that occurred on a Tuesday— meeting my wife (Sunday)… proposing to my wife (Saturday)… marrying her (Saturday again)… you get the picture. But now I can say that both my luck and fortune were granted on a Tuesday. That was the day that we were fortunate to not have our townhouse burn down… and lucky enough to not have any damages because of it. If you want to read the details you can read my post Kitchen Sink-Gate which hopefully explains things better.

I will still wish on cars with one headlight out and still say "Tuesday" to myself even if all of those previous wishes were granted that particular Tuesday.

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