Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The night the lights went out in Georga

I guess the Decepticons are on to me

It appears that once I edited my last post to clarify a few things, the power went out at the office. Theories abounded from "a garbage truck that just pulled out before the lights first dimmed" to "perhaps the city couldn't get their snow plow started and they had to get a jump". The latest rumor was that a transformer blew and knocked out power for several blocks. Oh oh… I think the're on to me.

You find some interesting things when the power is out. Going to the bathroom was like entering Mammoth cave in pitch black— having to feel around for everything. I went into the break room to get a glass of water from the cooler and had to gauge how much water was in the glass based upon the pitch being generated by glass being filled.

Later we were told that we had to evacuate— which wound up not being much fun either because the emergency lights in the stairwell were out. Luckily the firemen where there with their flashlights to guide the way to the lobby.

Eventually it was learned that it would be several hours before the power went back on and we were told to go home. I don't know… what with Kitchen Sink-Gate and now this— CaJoh doesn't lead such a borring life after all.

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