Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hey… do you need a ride

Inspired by Three Boys One Mommy's post about 6 degrees of separation— I have decided to talk about our connection to Mandy Patinkin.

Living in Chicago, my wife and I don't see as many celebrities as people we know in New York or Los Angeles. The only time we may see someone is if we go to a book signing. We have an inside joke amongst ourselves that we should be more sociable and offer the person a ride or something just to actually meet them— but being the shy people we are we never do.

When visiting my wife's sister and brother-in-law in LA, we stayed two blocks from Hugo's— one of the restaurants they own and run. One morning when we came into visit, our brother-in-law sat us down and proceeded to point out the celebrities dining with us at the time.

"Over there" he began… "is Susan Anton— and over there is Mandy Patinkin. We proceeded to finish our breakfast and just hung around (because we had no where else to go)— when we saw Mandy out in the parking lot looking like he was waiting for something. One of us said to the other "Perhaps he needs a ride"… how apropos is that.

Shoot… why is it when we have a golden opportunity— something has to stop us (we didn't have a car, nor could we steal our brother-in-law's car to actually give him a ride). We were pretty sure that he secured a ride anyway since we saw him on his Cell phone at one point— so we let it go.

After I got back from LA, I told this story to one of my co-workers when they asked me how my vacation went. Upon hearing the name Mandy Patinkin they added "Oh, Mandy Patinkin— he's my uncle"… what a small world. I never bothered to ask if they talked to Mandy and relayed the story— but it is nice knowing that you know someone who has an uncle who is famous.

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