Thursday, January 29, 2009

Writer's Workshop: OK Bridgford

When I was in college I wrote a poem for our poetry professor just for fun. This is another example of one of my six lined poems where the first two pairs of lines rhyme— the fifth line rhymes with a word in the sixth, and the sixth line rhymes with the first two. I am using this poem for Mamma Kat's Writer's Workshop

2.) Write a poem for your favorite teacher of all time.
I don't know if she was my favorite teacher of all time— but at least I wrote a poem about her.

Oh— K Bridgford is her name
passing out tons of paper is her game.

She makes us stuff our folders so thick
we wonder if her real name is St. Nick.

But keep the classes going with fun and wit
so we can sit and share in your fame.

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