Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rhyming Wednesday: Sunset

I have discovered a new meme hosted by Otin @ Wizard of Otin called Rhyming Wednesday. This gives me an opportunity to recite my poetry and read others as well.

This is one of my "six line" style poems that upon reading again reminds me of sunset… so I titled it that. It is difficult to say what it truly means… I'll leave it over to you to offer your interpretation:

The fog rolls in and clutters the sky
while the sun withers and begins to lie

The light so warm now starts to fade
a rosy red to a scarlet jade

Our eyes they look but see none at all
thus blinded by our own heroic fall

So until we fall to our own doom
overpass the gloom by clearing our dye


If you are interested in reading this week's offering… or want to participate yourself— go visit Otin's Rhyming Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

I like this one( tho' I counted 8 lines, but hey, no worries ). Reminds me that a lot of folks are just plain blind to the natural beauty around them. no-one seems to take the time to just stop and smell the roses, so to spaek. Welcome to Rhyming Wednesday!

Deb said...

oh rhyming wednesday is perfect for you!

this one seems a little darker than some of your others, which i like!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ooh, I like this one! Very deep.

Mike said...

Very Very Cool!!!!!! I like deep thoughts!

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