Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grandma Grandpa Camp

Typically our family goes camping every year. Unfortunately this year we did not. In order to make it up to our Grandson who was looking forward to camping, my wife and I decided to have what we call "Grandma-Grandpa Camp". What we planned was to do similar activities that we would normally do when we go camping— but do them closer to home.

Cast of Characters (Grandpa, Grandson, Grandma).

One of the activities that we normally do is rent paddle boats and go out on the lake. My wife and I noticed that there was a boat rental place nearby and planned on renting a boat there. What we did not plan was the excessive amount of rain which put a damper in our plans:

Looks like the dock is flooded… can't get to the boats.

An activity that we were successful with was prospecting. There is a rock hunting activity that we discovered last year. This was one of those activities that our grandson looked forward to. What we did instead was to go to Dave's Down To Earth Rock Shop and purchased some rock activities that he could do such as a dinosaur egg kit:

Picking away at the matrix to reveal…

… what is hidden beneath the matrix.

Another activity that we normally do is go swimming in the pool (Yes… there is a pool where we camp). My wife and I figured we could use our YMCA membership and go swimming at their pool. Unfortunately, the storm the night before knocked out the power and caused us to rethink where to go swimming.

Looks like we can't go to the pool today…

Fortunately we were able to go to a nearby water park which had a cool water feature. There is a giant bucket that gets filled with water. At some point gravity takes over and the bucket tips over spilling all of the water on unsuspecting swimmers below…

Grandpa and Grandson getting doused with the huge bucket of water.

After swimming for several hours, we decided to pull out the grill and make hamburgers and hot dogs. Once we ate, we then pulled out the marshmallows graham crackers and chocolate for some home made smores…

Grandson roasting marshmallows for smores.

I did plan on pulling out the tent in the living room, but my wife objected to such a monstrosity in the middle of the room. We then intended on just pulling out our sleeping bags and sleep on the floor, but our grandson sleepily said: "is it OK if we just pull out the couch instead?"— we happily abliged.

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