Tuesday, August 4, 2009

51 And Falling…

Lately I have noticed that my Follower count has dropped from 55 to 51. I do know that someone actually wrote indicating that blogger wiped their account one day and they have been desperately trying to follow those blogs and got an error message when trying, so I know that one person is accounted for— but I am unsure of the rest.

When followers was the new thing, I wrote a few Tuesday's Tributes giving a brief summary of my Followers and what their blogs were all about. Here are the posts that I wrote:

At the time I stopped abound 30 followers and briefly after that Blogger changed the way they listed Followers. I have a widget on my side-bar which lists "What the Followers have to say" and shows a blog-roll of those that I know have followed me in the past. Please check to see if you are still following me if your blog is listed. If not, try following me again (unless you really don't want to follow me any more don't worry— I'll understand). Or, if you are a regular reader and want to give me an "atta-boy" you can follow me too. I am hoping to have another Tuesday's Tribute once I reach 60 followers so that you can get some publicity about your blog.

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