Monday, March 23, 2009

Spin Cycle: Radio Head

In honor of the Spin Cycle by Sprite's Keeper— I have decided to place my spin on this weeks assignment— Quirks:

Life is one long song… and I'm always singing it

All throughout my life I have always loved to sing. Ask anybody who knows me and they will tell you that I am typically singing something all the time. My mother commented once that she heard me singing out loud when I was walking home from school and could hear me several blocks away and knew I was on my way home. This in itself is not unusual— I know several people who love to sing and sing often. What makes it a quirk is that I tend to sing phrases or parodies based upon situations that I encounter.

Much like singing Homeward Bound by Simon & Garfunkel whenever I am making my way home from the office… there are several other triggers that prompt a song.

When I was working for a library automation software company there was a new format for libary records called ULIF. The software that we supported had no way of exporting in ULIF format, so someone developed a conversion program to convert batch exports from our program called Bat2ULIF. Don't know why I had to sing the song Working my way back to you by The Spinners… "I'm working my way Bat2ULIF"— but I did. Or everytime I hear about the ACUTA conference— I start singing Barracuda by Heart.

Because of this unusual quirk, I tend to call myself a "Radio Head" because I can quote songs from the radio at a drop of a hat for no apparent reason. So the next time you are visiting my home— poke your head into the kitchen while I'm doing dishes and have a listen… who needs a radio when you can have CaJoh.

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