Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spin Cycle: Double Date

In honor of Spin Cycle by Sprite's Keeper… I have decided to place my spin on this weeks assignment— Dating:

When I was in college I attended a Single Adults dance with a friend during winter break. During this dance I met a girl to whom I discovered had the same birthday as me— only one year older. We thought that it would be fun to get together before we went back to school. In order to be safe, my friend and I proposed a double date— and to have it in Rockford so we could meet up with her where she lived.

My friend and I both lived in Crystal Lake which is half way between Rockford and Chicago. His date lived in Chicago— so we had to drive the 45 minutes into the city to pick her up… then proceeded to drive the hour and a half from Chicago to Rockford for the date.

The details of the date escape me (must be those aliens at work again taking my memory for their entertainment)— but I do know we had a great time together and ended the date sometime around Ten O'clock that evening. We proceeded to take our dates home in reverse order: mine first, then my friend's date after that. We drove all the way back to Chicago during which my friend and his date proceeded to fall asleep. In order to stay awake, I had to roll down the window so that the cold air would keep me alert. Luckily my friend stayed awake during the ride back to Crystal Lake and we all made it home safely.

I for the life of me cannot remember this girl's name— not that I wanted to forget her, but mostly that this happened more than 20 years ago and we just lost touch with one another. So my friend… if you remember her name, please let me know so that I can at least be assured of the fact that this happened and that I am not losing my mind (aliens or none).


Jillene said...

20 years ago?! I can hardly even remember yesterday!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I do know that 20 years ago, I was not allowed to date, but that's going off of age only. Recalling little facts that would otherwise fall by the wayside is signs of an amazing memory! Great SPin! You're linked!

Barbaloot said...

I went on a blind date about 20 DAYS ago and for the life of me cannot begin to remember his name!

MakingChanges said...

All these people are wondering how you remembered something that happened 20 years ago...I'm wondering what happened 20 minutes ago. Okay, so not really, I just wanted to sound cool... or maybe just dumb.

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday. I heart comments.

Anonymous said...

Dude I think it's awesome that you guys drove and hour+ to go on a double date. When I was dating I refused to accept dates that would take me any farther than 30 minutes' drive. Lazy, safe, call it what you want. I think it would be funny if she spun too, and didn't remember your name. LoL

Isn't it funny how we remember the coolest things, like such a date, and not the people who were involved? Memory, it's tricky.

Aliens are sneaky.
Good Spin!
I spun too!

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