Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birth of a Blog 04: What's to come

You may ask… what else is there to do? I know that I have always wanted to start up a professional blog so that I can document those things that I find people should know. I already have a Wordpress account and an About page— but nothing else. If you are curious, you can visit my welcome page at I have not made any posts because I am waiting to have the tools I need in order to create the screen shots for my posts. I first need to get a new computer since my current home computer is almost 10 years old. Then I need to install Photoshop so that I can manage my screen shots accordingly. However… I also need ideas. I know enough about computers to be dangerous— so if there are any topics you want me to post on that you feel will make your computing experience easier, feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Once I get enough posts under my belt I will promote my other blog in a post and have a special "What my alter-ego is saying" blogroll on the side.

There is a feature post called "He Blogs, She Blogs" where people submit questions and both Heinous @ Irregularly Periodic Ruminations and Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy @ The Wise (*Young*) Mommy give their take on the questions. Unfortunately Heinous went on sabbatical and the torch needed to be passed on to someone else to be the "He" portion. Petra decided to take out a personal ad type post and have a contest to see who could fill in while Heinous was away. I put my hat in the ring and answered the questions given to me so that they could be posted in the contest. Interestingly enough, I got second place— but lost out to Captain Dumbass @ Us and Them who won by a landslide. As a consolation prize I was asked to guest post and may even guest post again if the need arises. Now they have their own dedicated site for He Blogs, She Blogs, which deals with one question at a time in more detail. So, go visit the new He Blogs, She Blogs site and enjoy.

I have also signed up to be a contributor over at In The Real World Venus vs. Mars. This site has guest contributors who post about relationships. Since much of my personal philosophy posts revolve around relationships— this allows me the opportunity to talk specifically about relationships and give real world examples rather than talk abstractly as I sometimes do. So if you are interested in my perspective on relationships— feel free to sign up and read not only what I have to say, but what others have to say as well.

This coming Sunday will be my blogiversary. So much has happened within the past year. I believe that my writing has become easier to come by and the ideas keep coming in. If you don't tune in for tomorrow's Friday's Feast— be sure to stop by on Sunday for the celebration.

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