Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spin Cycle: My Warm Fuzzy Story

In honor of the Spin Cycle by Sprite's Keeper— I have decided to place my spin this weeks assignment of Creative Writing:

When I was in college I wanted to give someone some warm fuzzies for their birthday (you know those little pom-pom shaped things that you make out of yarn)— but I also wanted to give them the story I remembered from my youth group to go along with them as well. Unfortunately I did not have the story, nor was there this high falootin' thing that we have now a days called "The Internet" so that my minister could send me a copy… so I wound up making up my own story instead. Here is what I came up with:

Once upon a time in a land not too far from our own… there lived two families. One was known as the Fuzzy Family, the other the Prickly Family. Now it was well known throughout the land that the Fuzzy Family was warm and considerate to everyone, while the Prickly Family was cold and malevolent and didn't even tolerate themselves— let alone anyone else.

Mostly these two families lived at opposite ends of the valley and never saw each other. One day a member of the Fuzzy family was lost and found himself at the door of the Prickly home.

He knocked— to which one of the Prickly family snapped from behind the door… "What do you want!" The Fuzzy answered… "I'm lost and it's cold here. Could you take the time to let me in and show me the way home?" to which the Prickly answered… "It's always cold here, and we don't let ANYONE in you hear!"

Discouraged, the Fuzzy went away. But before he went too far he discovered something unusual in the snow. He decided to pick it up. "OUCH!!" he declared… "this hurts!" But he stood the pain and put the thing in his pocket.

When he finally got home, his sister wondered why he was gone for so long and asked where he had gone. "I just was gone!" he snapped. His sister was very dumbfounded by this, but she also found something on the ground that hurt to the touch.

Eventually, all the Fuzzy family had a Cold Prickly in their possession. This, in turn, made the place where the Fuzzy Family lived very cold. Because of this, the head of the Fuzzy family became very concerned. He gathered all of his family together to find out what has happened to the Fuzzy family.

The family finally came to the conclusion that it was the presence of the Cold Pricklies that made it so different. So, the family decided to make Warm Fuzzies to combat against the onslaught of Cold Pricklies.

Their plan worked. It took care of all the Cold Pricklies that were threatening the lives of the Fuzzy Family. They also decided to give some Warm Fuzzies to the Prickly Family to see if that could change their ways.

Soon everyone in the land was happy and everyone got along with everybody else. And they all lived happily ever after.

The moral to this story is very simple: Be sure to exchange Warm Fuzzies and not Cold Pricklies. Be warm to yourself and to others, and they will be warm to you also— you'll find your life a much warmer place to be in.

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