Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My sabbatical is hopefully over

Sometimes I wonder if anybody really noticed…

There are moments when you wonder if you want to continue. I wonder if starting up again is going to be successful, or will it still be a struggle like it was before. When I looked back at the number of posts I made before I stopped, I realized that the numbers were slowly declining.

Of course, I have a great excuse for stopping— but I don't want to just give excuses. I would much rather know that those people who like to read my posts are glad that I have returned.

I know that I have outlined my recommended posts before— but I have had a lot of time elapse and have a fresh perspective on these posts. This will also allow you the opportunity to "refresh" your memory of my writing style— or even get a taste of my writing style if you are new here.

Posts that I am proud of writing:

Name, Occupation, Health, Feelings
This is probably my oldest personal philosophy concept as I remember writing about this when I was a freshman in high school. I am considering re-posting it and making it into a multiple post where I outline my thoughts in the first post, then get into greater detail in separate posts.
Attraction Factors
This is one of my personal philosophy posts which talk about those things which attract us to others.
Traditional Letter Writing
I talk about how I have many traditions when it comes to letter writing some of which I still follow to this day.
The Tangibles
This is part one of a two part post which deals with the concept of tangibility. I suggest reading both this one and the following one to be able to compare the two properly.
The Intangibles
This is part two of a two part post which deals with the concept of tangibility. I originally wanted to just talk about this— but realized that I was doing a lot of comparing so I had to break it up into two separate parts.
Three Legged Stool
This post uses the analogy of a stool when it comes to relationships.
From the mind, heart, and soul
Here I try to clarify some of the terms I tend to use when it comes to my opinions on things.
Sphere of Influence
This post can stand on its own— but is also related to the next two listings below. It is an interesting concept which is referenced a lot in other posts.
Tyranny of Numbers
This post is related to the Sphere of Influence post but expands upon the concept to include the Internet and being able to find what you are looking for through searching.
Anonymity through Commonality
This post takes the post on Sphere of Influence and the post on Tyranny of Numbers and expands upon it to show how difficult it is to find "Me".
Inspiration and Motivation
This is my explanation of the difference between inspiration and motivation written at the time of the President's inauguration.
Coping Mechanism
This post helps to explain how we cope with stress in life.
Smart vs. Intelligent
I seem to get a lot of hits on this one. This is how I define the difference between being smart and being intelligent.
Pretty vs. Beautiful
This is how I define the difference between being pretty and being beautiful.
Do you have that new myPhone yet…
A tongue and cheek look at how our reliance on phone features could go too far.
The Long Rain
A review I wrote in high school about a science fiction short story.
Trolling for South Pole Traffic
My look at Web statistics services and how they leave out an entire continent.
Couples and Train Couplings
An analogy between people who are couples and train couplings.
Trapped in Time: Act 1
This is part one of a two part story that I originally wrote in high school. It is a cliff-hanger in that you need to read the next post to get the end.
Friendship Types
This is the first part of a four part series on different types of friends that a person can have. I strongly encourage you to read the rest of the series as it took me almost a year to complete.

Posts that currently have 20 or more comments:

Warm Milk
This was my first post that reached 20 comments. It is also one of my first participatory posts where I am participating in Tuesday's Tribute.
Wordful Wednesday - Spikester Diddly Dog
This one got a lot of comments because… who doesn't like dogs.
Communication Styles
This is an introduction to a series post that I have about communication styles. I encourage you to read the next four posts as well since they cover each in more detail.
Writer's Workshop: C is for Cookie
This is a good story about how my sister taught me a lesson for demanding a cookie. Be sure to read the comments, she tells the real story and not the one a 4 year old remembers.
100th Post
Most people like to wish you well on your 100th post. Hopefully it will give you some topics to ask me to write about.
TT: Spin on the Bed
This is currently the record holder with the number of comments made. I probably tribute it to being both a Tuesday's Tribute and a Spin Cycle participatory post.
What's in a nickname: Naming conventions
I think a lot of people have nicknames and like to share theirs.

Please feel free to visit these pages if you have not done so already to give you a smattering of my writing style.


Eternal Lizdom said...

Welcome back! I noticed you were gone- mostly noticed your return thanks to my Blogger Dashboard!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Well, here's to writing ... may your brain begin to again view the world in terms of what would make an interesting post!

Anonymous said...

I noticed, but I also know we all have our reasons for taking a break and that is OK.

Welcome back!

Karen said...

Yay! Good to see you again Christopher! Welcome back. :)

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