Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Disappointments

Thought I would participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts since there are a lot of incomplete thoughts running around lately.

  • Went to see the start of the 101st Mackinac race only to find out that many of our favorite boats left the night before. Next year we'll have to take a Friday off to see the boats leave.
  • Came to work early today only to find that the elevators were not working. I guess I didn't escape having my workout today afterall.
  • I am finding myself skimming through posts more often lately. I feel like I am going to miss something serious.
  • Finding myself way too tired when I get home from work. I blame it on not working out in the mornings as often as I like.
  • Had Grandma-Grandpa camp a few weeks back and nearly everything we attempted to do was effected by the storm the previous day. At least we had a blast at the water park.
  • Wanting to write about a lot of things, but never quite complete them. I worry that once my drafts have been finished there will be nothing to write about anymore.
  • I find that there are way too many activities to do on a given weekend. I wish I could draw straws or something.
  • Looked at my stats today and found that I had 0 visitors at Noon. Hoping that this brings me some more hits.


Jennifer said...

Well here is one visitor. LOL

A lot of your scattered thoughts sound exactly like mine. Are you sure you aren't inside my head?

Katherine said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I do really think we went to the moon. And I did just hear a report where the astronauts involved said we're basically scared to do anything anymore.

I understand the tiredness. I know I certainly feel better when I get my work out in.

Ms. Salti said...

I always worry I'm going to run out of stuff to talk about, but then something always comes up! I'm tired 24 hours a day... even when I'm sleeping... I totally understand!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog I agree dryers must have portals to other worlds and what a cool book that would be..lol

PS I hope you don't work any higher than the 3rd floor. Yikes!!
oh and you can add me to the fatigue train..lol

Joanie said...

Between my internet being down (didn't pay my bill) and running back and forth from the hospital while John has chemo, I've been skimming and rarely replying on a lot of blogs. but I'll be reading for hours tonight, trying to get caught up.

Erin said...

What floor do you work on? That could be a pretty hefty workout!

Summer is crazy for so many people. I know I am skimming sometimes, only because it's either that or "mark all as read." I feel like I am running in circles.

Since I'm doing a no treat week this week, I am NOT looking forward to your ice cream FF on Friday. I might have to save it until Monday, when I can eat ice cream again :)

Barbaloot said...

I think it'd be nice if they could just make weekends longer---then you could do everything you wanted.

Keely said...

I try not to mention it when I feel like I have nothing to blog about, because something always comes up. Last time my BFF accidentally smacked me between the eyes with a squash racquet.

You've been warned...

Pseudo said...

Maybe noon is siesta time.

Wendyburd1 said...

Oh poor Cajoh, noon is bare!! LOL! Too funny when most of my hours are at 0 always!!!

Jenni said...

The elevator was broken? You should have called up and demanded to have someone come down and carry you up!

Jen said...

It is true about working out. I have way more energy when I do.

As far as the skimming. I go through stages where I do that too. I actually only read a handful of blogs religiously and then I hop around to check out anyone who leaves me a comment. I find that is the best way to avoid bloggy burn-out.

Glad I stopped by!!

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