Friday, July 10, 2009

F2: Squires Family Picnic

Welcome again to Friday's Feast. Today I'll be sharing a story about a picnic. If you don't know what Friday's Feast is all about, please read the Friday's Feast page for a more detailed explanation. If you want to join in on the feast— be sure to leave a comment and include the URL to your post so I and others can know of your contribution.

When I was in theater I played Mr. Squires the livery stable owner for the musical The Music Man. At one point during the play the entire cast would walk over the footbridge and go off to the picnic. The person who played Mrs. Squires and I both wanted to actually have the picnic and not pretend that it happened. So, we decided that we would have our own picnic in the green room before one of the Sunday matinee performances.

I didn't have a whole lot of time actually cooking for the picnic, so I picked up some chicken from KFC and went to the grocery store to buy plates, napkins, etc. "You can't have a picnic without ants" I said to myself… so I also bought some plastic ants that we could strew about the floor.

During our picnic both Mrs. Squires and I started to kid about one of our kids which we affectionately called "Billy". Interestingly enough, our little boy Billy eventually changed his last name from Squires to Squier and started a career in music. Amazing what a picnic can do for your career.

Next weeks topic is Hot dogs— or should I say "encased meats". Perhaps you have a story about the hot dog eating contest that went terribly wrong, or you know of a great place that has the best Polish in town. So… if you have anything that relates to this topic, be sure to leave a comment and include the URL so I can include you in next weeks feast. Even if you have already posted on this topic in the past— your links are always welcome.


Jillene said...

I love KFC. And plastic ants are perfect for a picnic!!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

Very cool, Ca-Joh! And you can't have a picnic without ants!

przemek said...

Are you serious?! Are you talking about Squier - the brand of guitars?

SweetPeaSurry said...

Really you knew Billy Squier before he became famous and such? Crayzee!!!

I love that picnic idea. Brilliant!


Sarah Lulu said...

The Music Man was the first movie my Mother ever took me to see ... 1962.

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