Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Everything is Changing

So often we want things to stay the same. However, if you think about it everything is constantly changing— nothing is stagnant.

Change is all around us. Our bodies are growing and regenerating cells all the time. The air in which we breath is constantly being recirculated. Even things such as diamonds… were once plants growing on the surface.

Change occurs at different rates. Sometimes we may not notice a change because it happens either to slowly, or is too subtle. Sometimes a change occurs and we are surprised by it because it was unexpected, or is extremely dramatic.

Being that we are changing may effect our perception of change as well. We may not notice our changes because we are focused on something other than change, or are too caught up in other changes around us. We may not notice changes in other people because we are too focused on ourselves, or are ignoring their change because we do not want to address it.

Changes occur in many forms. There are changes in tempo, changes in number, changes in size, changes in dimension, changes in complexity, and even changes in form. There are internal as well as external changes.

Recognizing as well as understanding change helps us to know those changes around us and be able to handle change whenever it profoundly effects us.


Anonymous said...

Your post today was very interesting. I've been thinking a lot about personal change lately in my children as my son is about to lose his first tooth and in myself as I prepare to celebrate another birthday in a couple months. Change is all around us and in us. It doesn't hurt to notice it once in awhile.

SweetPeaSurry said...

HAH ... I change rapidly, from a sweet, caring, happy wine drinker ... to a nasty, loud, ranting wino. It's like split SECOND timing. Very difficult. Only a superhero could do it!

excellent post. Very thought provoking.

bright blessings!

Barbaloot said...

It's the accepting change that I'm working on...one day I won't freak out at every little thing I'm sure:)

Otter Thomas said...

Change is unavoidable but somehow I still have a problem accepting it.

Erin said...

I'm with the last two who left a comment - why is it so hard for me to accept change? Even when I know it is usually good for me?

Thanks for the post.

LissaL said...

One of my favorite quotes is: We cannot change what we don't acknowledge.Excellent post.

Ms. Salti said...

Nice post. I want to know how many times you typed change/changes in it! I agree with SweetPea... very though provoking. Too often we fail to realize that change can be positive!

Deb said...

sometimes i wish i was more aware of the changes that are currently taking place around me, so i can step in and intervene... either help the change along or stop it in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

great post!! Thanks for linking it up for me. I love when you do that....so yeah I guess change is in the air and reading your post made me feel even more excited for the change that's coming to MWOB...thanks for that.

I need to check in tomorrow for your food festival linky deal , right? Has it started??

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