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I am trying to refine my writing style. I have always found that I have way too much information in my head and need a way of sharing it. Some things I know are quite long and would take too long to explain in a normal conversation. Other things are not the kind of thing that you can fit into a letter easily. This therefore becomes the place where I can just write.

CaJoh is my first two initials and the first three letters of my last name. I think it sounds like some ancient Asian philosopher, so I kept it. I hope to empty my brain of all those things that are bouncing around in my head so I can continue to fill it with the experiences of the world around me and not worry about my head exploding.

I have divided my blog into several categories, each with a distinct flavor which I will describe below:

I want to be more involved in the world around me. This is to announce those events that I am involved in.
fridays feast
I have created my own meme called Friday's Feast. This is where you can see my feature posts as well as link to what others have contributed.
guest postings
Many times I let others post to my blog when I am away. These are those posts that my guests have submitted on my behalf.
miscellaneous musings
So many things strike me funny. This section is my take on those things that I find either interesting, weird, or just down-right amusing to me.
personal history
I never thought my life was very interesting until I payed more attention to the stories I wrote to others in letters. This category is for telling the stories about things that I have done and experienced in my life.
personal philosophy
I always believe that I have a unique perspective on many things. This is where I define my thoughts and feelings about the world around me.
Like many people— I have also written poetry. Here is where I will share my poetry and any explanation or interpretation I have about it.
I do admit that I am a foodie. But I also know that I love to cook. I think it is the reward that comes with giving that makes cooking for someone such a joy to me. This is where I will share those recipes that I enjoy making so that others may enjoy them as well.
Everybody has an opinion about things… I am no exception. This is where I will review things such as songs, books, movies, and other matters of interest.
I find that there are some things that I write that are not personal stories— but are more fictional in nature. This category contains those things that I have written that are not stories about myself, or things that I find amusing. This will also serve as a category in which I can discuss what writing is to me and how I write.

If there are others, I will also include them on this page, so continue to check this page for updates as they become available.

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