Friday, March 27, 2009

F2: Microwave Madness

Welcome again to Friday's Feast. Today I'll be explaining my logic (or lack thereof) when selecting various microwave times. If you don't know what Friday's Feast is all about, please read the Friday's Feast page for a more detailed explanation. If you want to join in on the feast, be sure to leave a comment and include the URL to your post so I and others can know of your contribution.

Those who read my post about Warm Milk may recall my comment:

don't ask me why I choose weird numbers like that for heating times… that's for another post entirely.

… well, this is that post.

Digital representation of time can be confusing at best. How is it that 90 is greater than 100— well on a microwave that is what it is. 100 is interpreted on a microwave as a minute (60 seconds)— whereas 90 is interpreted as 90 seconds… strange huh. I usually have this running though my head whenever I approach the keypad— which compells me to enter something wacky just to piss off the microwave (take that 100/60 second rule).

I know what you're asking: "why then do you pick times such as 22 and 55, or even 222 for microwave times"? You could say that I have ACED (Annal Compulsive Excentric Disorder) and that by picking the same number it makes that number feel special— and thus gives me a sense of ultimate control. But the real truth is… I am just lazy (who wants to search for the zero key when you can just press the same key again).

Here's my general rule of thumb (please don't use your thumb to select times— it gives new meaning to the term "fat fingering"):

  • 22, or 33 seconds works for melting things.
  • 44, 55, or even 66 seconds works for heating liquids in a cup.
  • 111, 222, or even 333 works for heating liquids in a bowl.
  • Oh foo pooh— if you have to adjust something to less than the triple digit number, by all means use as few digits as possible e.g.; 202 instead of 205.
  • Anything over 999 is just crazy (you better start thinking in real times already).

I hope this gives you a better perspective on how to choose a cooking time on a microwave. Thank you for your time.


Unknown said...

We have a weird microwave. It has a dial you spin for the time. No keypad. I guess I got around that one! But I'll still try the weird times, that sounds fun.

I posted a recipe today!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I have this great microwave for dummies. It has a popcorn button, a quick melt button, etc. It's like the new cash registers at McDonalds..just push the picture! lol!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I like your technique!

Erin said...

I love your logic on this! My microwave's buttons are so hard to push I do anything I can to make it easier!

Otter Thomas said...

Our microwave makes it extremely difficult to do anything but 30 second intervals. Each number represents the corresponding minute in one touch. There is also a +30 second button. Very fast but not easibly customizeable.

Debbie said...

Good heavens - this kind of wacked out logic sounds exactly like something I would do. I can just hear me explaining the times to my family and seeing that very familiar look they get on their faces.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

haha, that is so funny! I love your logic for microwave times! You surprise me with your wackiness sometimes Chris!

kel said...

I am doing this next week! I promise!

Deb said...

22 is my absolute favorite microwave cooking time. i use it for warming up tortillas and 1/2 cup of room temperature coffee.

SweetPeaSurry said...

I used to have a micro with a spin dial. What a bloody pain!

Eternal Lizdom said...

THAT is hilarious!! And exactly the kind of thing my husband would come up with!

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