Friday, September 2, 2011

Trailblazer vs. Bridge Builder

When I was part of the search committee at my church we were given the opportunity to ask questions to the incoming minister. I asked the question: "Do you consider yourself a Trailblazer or a Bridge Builder?" At the time I needed to clarify in the context of being a leader— but I realized that there is a broader meaning to each of these terms:

I think of a Trailblazer as one who forges their own future. They are usually the first to do anything. Some may get the impression that they are the kind of person who does things without thinking, but I tend to differ. I think that they have a quality that makes them more independent because they are willing to do it on their own without any help from others.
Bridge Builder
So often there are gaps in communication, or even bridges to cross. Bridge Builders are the ones who fill in those gaps by putting everybody "on the same page". They are the ones who help others achieve their goals. This is the kind of person who believes in relationships and is able to get along with others and help others get along with everybody else in the group.

That is what I feel these terms mean to me. Feel free to give me your own impressions of their meanings— or even let me know… are you a trailblazer or a bridge builder?

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I'm just a...


heh heh

However, both of those have very good traits. I think I prefer a Bridge Builder, it implies (for me) an peacemaker. And as humans? We needs a lot of PEACE. *smile*

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