Monday, August 29, 2011

Spin Cycle: The next day of my summer vacation

When I heard that this week's Spin Cycle is on "What I did on my summer vacation." all I could think about was the Cheech and Chong Sister Mary Elephant sketch and the following lines:

What I did on my summer vacation.
The first on my vacation I woke up
I went downtown to look for a job
I hung around the drugstore.
The second day on my vacation I woke up
I went downtown to look for a job
I hung around the drugstore.
The third day…

(Get the picture)

Isn't it funny how we tend to go through our summers as a child and never remember a thing. It is only when we are asked to tell everyone about it that we tend to recite the day in day out routines that makes up our summer.

I could tell you about all the amazing places we went to, but alas I just recently started a new job and can't afford taking a week off without pay. We did go camping, but we always go camping— besides I already have two posts about camping here and here that you might enjoy.

For more exciting summer vacation stories, see Sprite's Keeper's Spin Cycle.

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Liz Mays said...

Whenever I look back at my summers, I don't especially find them all that standout, but I wish they were!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Most of our summers were pretty event free as kids. Both parents worked and didn't have the opportunity to take trips at the same time. Summer during high school was much better. :-)
You're linked!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, our perceptions, especially as kids. We actually did several really cool things this summer ... But since EVERY day wasn't super cool, my youngest kids seem to think our summer was pretty boring. We go back to school tomorrow, and our busy schedule will resume to crazy levels. At least we won't be bored.

Glad you at least got some camping in!

RedWriter said...

Having VERY fair skin, most of my summers were and still are spent hiding out inside. Tut. :) xx

VandyJ said...

I remember summer stretching out in front of me when I was a kid--no responsibilities, endless time to read, trips to the mountains...
It seemed so much longer than it does now.

SuziCate said...

Ah, but camping is always fun and interesting and never exactly the same. I could never think of anything to write when we went back to school and were expected to write that report each year...I thought I must've been the most boring person in the school.

Pseudo said...

The lazy days of summer are the best. Ah, to be a kid again.

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