Friday, April 2, 2010

The Cookie Never Lies

Today I have the pleasure of having Jen @ Steenky Bee. Normally I would have Friday's Feast, but this takes the cake (Or cookie as the case may be) and makes a great substitute:

This past weekend our family ordered Chinese take-out from one of our favorite restaurants. I was thrilled because I hadn't eaten Chinese food in well over a year. This wasn't because I had been avoiding it in any way, it's just one of those things that sort of slips your mind, like sending your guest post in a timely manner to a gracious host named Ca-Joh (Ahem.).

Back to the Chinese food… Have no worries, once I sunk my teeth into the #12 Beef with Broccoli, I completely rearranged my priorities and have decided I will be partaking in the tasty Asian cuisine more often. It's all about setting goals, people.

But this guest post isn't about the beef with broccoli, or even the to-die-for hot and sour soup that came with it. No, this here post is all about what my husband and I found in our fortune cookies after the meal. Let's have a look, shall we?

Honestly folks, I couldn't have made this up, even if I tried.

Also? The images you're about to see mark the only time in the history of my blogging career that my husband Jeremy, shouted, "Oh! You definitely have to blog about THIS."

Let's have a look shall we? Witness the first fortune pulled from my husband's cookie:

Sorry about the blurriness. In case you can't clearly read the fortune, it says, "The evening promises romantic interests."

Cue the devious smile from Jeremy followed by raised eyebrows followed by, "Eh? EH! Look at what we have here!"

Then it was my turn. Feast your eyes on this:

It clearly says, "Forget all that wishful thinking and be practical."

Cue knee slapping and vicious finger pointing from me to Jeremy while shouting, "Not so fast Romeo!"

Aaaaannnnnnd SCENE.

That's my name. Don't wear it out.

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