Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let your soul take flight

I came across an article by Aaron Wong entitled: Boarding the Positivity Plane: 10 Benefits of Optimism. In it he talks about being either on the "Pain Train", or the "Positivity Plane". This concept of relating your outlook to different transportation methods can also be applied to goal setting.

When we set our goals we like to look at all the possibilities. These possibilities give us options we can choose to set our course to reach those goals. Using the Train versus Plane analogy we can see how having a pessimistic or optimistic view can effect those options.

When you have a pessimistic view you tend to focus on the negative. This negativity restricts you to a narrow view much like being on a train restricts you to a narrow track. This track does not allow for much flexibility in the options you have when it comes to your destination. You are forced to follow the track and hope for a switch somewhere along the track. Whereas a train only travels along on the ground— a plane can travel in three dimensions.

The troubles of the world tend to weigh ourselves down. This in turn stops us from taking flight. Many times we talk about being grounded. This doesn't mean that our options should be grounded as well. With a positive optimistic view your mind is free to see all the possibilities ahead of you.

Therefore, let your soul take flight. Don't be afraid of heights and take those risks. Not only will you see more options to choose from— but the view is pretty great from up there as well.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Great post and completely true. I'm an optimistic person... and I believe that things seem better in my life because I view it that way. However, I bet it's the same or average as most people's lives.

It's all in the attitude and view.

Setting goals can make or break a person sometimes.

Barbaloot said...

The only reason I don't agree with this is cuz I feel like a train would be a fun way to travel. I did it very briefly over in Scandinavia, but I really wanna take some trip that involves lots of trains.

Other than that-I'm all about the optimism plane:)

Unknown said...

Pessimism must be tempered or no one will be willing to spend time with you. And like most things, a dose of pessimism every once in a while is good too.

Of course I have been accused of being the eternal optimist, so I might be a bit biased. {*grin*]

ReformingGeek said...

Ah, thinking positive, staying positive. It certainly can't hurt.

I think we can be realistic without being pessimistic, though.

Wait. Does this mean I have to step out of my comfort zone?


Aaron Wong said...

All great comments, and a wonderful job by Christopher. You explain the metaphor brilliantly and as a reader I can both see and relate to what you're describing.

Thank you for the buzz/mention!

Tracy said...

Flexibility is the key, I think, especially having faith in yourself that you can be flexible and adjust to any unforeseen circumstance. I think often we are so convinced that we can't cope with things we can't control that it paralyzes us and keeps us from taking chances on things that we really want to do.

Mike said...

I tend to consider pessimism more as a realistic point of view. It seems that things go the wrong way more than the right way!

steenky bee said...

You know who I've loved to follow on twitter and facebook as of late? Apolo Ohno. He's so positive and so kind. Now, I'm sure he's got someone helping him tweet inbetween his heats and all, but they are wildly inspiring.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

That's such great advice. It's true! I tend to go in spurts of both. I find when I'm being negative it lends itself to more negativity. It's a miserable feeling.

Thanks fo stopping by today! And thanks for this positive reminder.

Wendyburd1 said...

Okay look at the title of my blog, I cannot join a POSITIVITY PLANE!! LOL!

Liz Mays said...

I've always been a half glass full kind of girl in the real world but now with all the changes in my life, I find it so much easier to see the positive side of everything all the time. It's so much nicer that way!

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