Monday, February 22, 2010

Curl Me

Being that we have been withing the Olympics this past week, I was very pleased to watch some of the curling events. I have heard people say that the event is like a combination of hockey and shuffleboard. I don't see how it could resemble hockey except that it is played on ice. I can see the shuffleboard idea since you are pushing something a long way down the field. I think of it more like a combination of shuffleboard and pool.

I am not a very good pool player. Once when I was playing 9 ball I complained to my friend how I made a terrible shot. He proceeded to tell me that even though I did not get the ball in, that I proceeded to make it more difficult for my opponent to make a shot as well. This little bit of strategy is what makes curling be more like pool to me.

I have always wanted to learn how to play the game. From what I hear there should be some places nearby that I could learn, but usually whenever there is an Olympics I tend to think that a lot of other people have the same idea as I— so I think I may wait.

When I first hosted dinner for my wife and her two kids, my now step-son decided he was going to curl my tea pot. He took the pot off of the stove and proceeded to try and slide the pot over the tiles in the kitchen. I somehow suspect that he has taken to the sport as much as I have.

What about you… are there any particular Olympic sports you have taken a liking to. Do you change the channel when curling comes on, or are you mesmerized by the sport as I?

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