Tuesday, November 10, 2009

RTT: Nothing in particular

My apologies for getting the Smith's song How Soon Is Now? in your head. I have had a lot of bits and pieces lately that don't really add up. So I decided to do a random Tuesday's Thoughts today:

It's a Dog Eat Dog world
Our dog got bit on the back by a Great Dane a week ago Sunday. I was not there when it happened, but it did shake up my wife quite a bit. We took the dog to the Pet ER and had them take a look at it. After he was shaved on his back you could tell just where the other dog had his teeth sunk in. Fortunately there were no puncture wounds and it was mostly a big bruise. As of yesterday he is more himself despite the big shaved area on his back.
When is a couch not a couch
… when it's SOFA. My wife and I went to SOFA on Saturday. SOFA stands for "Sculpture Objects and Functional Art". It is an expo where all sorts of artists and galleries show their art for people to see and/or purchase. My wife won two tickets through the Public Radio Station, so we didn't have to fork out the $15 a piece just to walk around. I did notice that there was a lot less booths there this year as in years past (my guess is that it's due to the economy).
Searching for Turkey
If many of you are here for the first time, I am doing a Thanksgiving Theme the entire month of November. I am hoping that many of you have Thanksgiving related posts that you would like to share to keep the festivities going. If you do, go here so I can include you in the festivities.

If you want more more more… just head over to Keely's place at The Un Mom to see some other Random Thoughts.

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