Friday, October 9, 2009

F2: Birthday Cake

Welcome again to Friday's Feast. Today I'll be talking about my birthday and the cake I got when I turned 21.

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Many happy returns of the day to you too.

Yes… it's my birthday today. I would tell you how old I am— but I'd much rather let you guess instead. I was born on a beautiful Sunday morning and had my twenty-first birthday on a Friday (just like today).

Sometime before my twenty-first birthday, my mother called me at school and asked me what kind of cake I would like to have when they came to visit that weekend. Remembering the cake I used to love as a child I told her that I wanted a Mississippi Mud Cake.

Unfortunately I did not get the recipe in time for this post— but I can describe it so that you can understand why I chose that particular cake. Imagine if you will a chocolate cake with a layer of chocolate icing, covered with a layer of marshmallow icing, and covered again with a layer of chocolate icing again— pure yum…

if you are a a child of ten! I have heard people telling me that they used to make icing just to eat it when they were children… but now cannot understand how they could have ever do such a thing today. I guess it's a lot like having eyes that are bigger than your stomach— I had a craving for a cake that I didn't know I couldn't finish.

The cake came that weekend and I may have had a piece when I got it. And there it sat in the refrigerator all week— me getting nauseous whenever I cut the next piece for myself. Please keep in mind that it wasn't my mother's cooking— but rather the richness of the cake that I couldn't handle. I eventually knew the cake was getting nowhere (especially into my belly where it intended to be)… so I had to throw it out after a week and a half.

I think that what surprised me the most is that my tastes changed. I could have sworn that I could handle that kind of cake three years prior when I was eighteen— but now that I was twenty-one… sorry, no go. What about you? Are there certain things that you used to eat in abundance as a child only to cringe at the sight of them now that you're older?

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