Thursday, August 26, 2010

Attraction Factors

So often we try to figure out what is it about that person that we are attracted to. I have found that there are three different factors that come into play when we determine attraction: Striking, Double-take, and Charming factors.

Striking Factor
Anything that catches your eye can be considered a part of the striking factor. These are not only the physical attributes– the broad shoulders, the curve of the waist, etc.… but also the non-physical attributes– "he's so funny", "she's so confident", etc.
Double-take Factor
Something that makes you look again can be considered part of the double-take factor. People who have a high double-take factor have something about them that makes them more attractive than the first time around. You may not even have a high striking factor, but wind up having a high double-take factor.
Charming Factor
This is the factor that keeps your interest– "I can't keep my eyes off of him", "she always looks great". It does not even need to be something physical– "what is it about him that is so fascinating", "I always enjoy being around her".

I do not think that these three factors are directly related and can be viewed independently. However, when determining someone's attractiveness, you need to look at all three factors to get a full picture of their overall charisma.


junebug said...

As I was reading this I was thinking to myself, "What qualities do I attribute to each of the categories?" Then I realized that these are usually things you might not have noticed before until the person shows up with something unique that is appealing. However, I can easily list the things that are bad that make me do a double-take. Interesting thought.

Barbaloot said...

I had a friend that called it the "fish theory." Guys are easily caught and just as easily distracted. So, you had to have something sparkly to "catch" them in the first place, then something beyond that that made them stick around.

Anonymous said...

Gah. Sounds soooo complicated.

I say we go back to the days of arranged marriages.


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