Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordful Wednesday: Making Snow-wheels

In honor of Seven CLown Circus' Wordful Wednesday I have decided to show some pictures of when I made snow-wheels.

The day before Christmas Eve, my wife and I were watching our grandson. The snow was perfect packing snow and he wanted to make a snow man. My wife— remembering how we saw an interesting snow-dog, wanted to make a snow-dog:

Here's a picture of the snow-man and snow-dog that we made.

We modeled our snow-dog after our own dog Spike. We added ears and a nice long tail on the end.

Snow-man and Snow-dog with Grandson for scale.

Being inspired myself, I wanted to make a snow-wheel. If you don't know how to make one— you just start out with your snow-ball and instead of rolling it around you roll it in a straight line. If it is a freshly fallen snow you pick up all of the snow right down to the ground much like you do rolling up sod:

Here is the snow-wheel with my Wife and Grandson for scale

I used to make snow-wheels all the time in my back yard growing up. The key to making them is not to let them fall over… which became very difficult especially when the wheel got to be as tall as you.

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