Tuesday, January 19, 2010

RTT: Spinning Wheels

Since I appear to be spinning my wheels lately and not completing posts on time, I thought I would put a lot of that spinning mass together into a post and participate in a Random Tuesday's Thoughts. Don't get dizzy…

Everything that is old is new again…
Got a new work computer and have been wasting a lot of my time trying to get the screens to look like they did with my old computer.
Why does it take longer to do something that you are familiar with if you are forced to do it slightly differently than it does to do something you have never done before?
If you have wireless installed on your machine, do not turn it off (you may not be able to turn it on again).
You never realize what is important to you until you have limited access to it.
Having High Tea…
Even though it was only my wife and I, we both had a great High Tea together on Saturday. She bought some great pastries from the bakery where she works. We bought fresh cucumber to make sandwiches to go with it— as well as making the standard olive and cream cheese sandwiches.
Wound up that by the time we got all the ingredients together and brewed the tea that it was already dinner time. Oh well… High-tea for dinner is alright with me.
King Day…
There have been a lot of days revolving around kings these days: ("Epiphany", "Christ The King Day", "Martin Luther King Day")
During Epiphany three of us in the choir had a trio singing We Three Kings during the service. We wanted to wear name tags saying which of the Three Kings we were but couldn't bring ourselves to wear name tags such as "Elvis", "BB", or even "Carol" (BTW: I sang the Alto line, so I would have been Carol).
During Christ the King day, there is a tradition where you eat a King cake which has a little plastic baby hidden inside. If you get the baby you are lucky, or something like that. Last year my wife had one from work and decided to blatantly hide it in a serving of pancakes:
I keep seeing "MLK" and keep thinking of the movie Milk (Darn dyslexia…).

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