Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The lady in white

When I was in high school I was a part of a madrigal singing group. During the Christmas holidays our group sang at various places like country clubs and private parties. During one particular private party one guest must have had way too much holiday cheer. This particular lady was doing things like singing, dancing, as well as flirting heavily with one of our basses who was dressed in the armor outfit. "Oh you're cute" I believe she said once as she poked at his breastplate (which was plastic by the way).

I have no idea as to how long the evening lasted— but it probably seemed to some like it would never end. While changing out of our outfits, our noble knight came up with the following poem— which seems to describe the evening and her antics perfectly:

She's the lady in white
she's out of sight.

She sings
she flings.

She moves
she grooves.

Everybody stares
but she doesn't care.

She's the lady in white.

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