Friday, April 10, 2009

F2: Cooking Inspirations

Welcome again to Friday's Feast. Today I'll be talking about my inspirations for cooking and my logic behind how I list them in my recipe posts. If you don't know what Friday's Feast is all about, please read the Friday's Feast page for a more detailed explanation. If you want to join in on the feast, be sure to leave a comment and include the URL to your post so I and others can know of your contribution.

For those that read my post on Inspiration and Motivation, you know that many things inspire us to do something— cooking is no exception. So often I pick up an idea from something that I eat and that inspires me to create a dish. I may know someone who is struggling with a dietary change such as being a vegetarian— and want to give them something that they can make themselves. I may have a childhood dish that I remember eating and recreate for my family. Other times I may be cooking with someone and get the recipe from them— or even derive a recipe from cooking that dish. So, in order to give credit where credit is due— I will indicate my inspirations in the recipes that I post.

Given that many people are not as public as I am— they may not feel comfortable if I mention their name in a post. So, in order to get around this I tend to give the person a nickname using my nickname naming conventions so that they can have the credit, but without the direct exposure.

So now when you look at a recipe post of mine you will see who I acknowledge as the inspiration for my recipe. Some you can derive who it is from the explanation in the post— while other times it is only between myself and the inspirer. You can ask… but I may not tell you who it is out of respect for their privacy.

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