Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordful Wednesday: Top of the world

You're on top of the world
You're on top of the world
And you can't get any higher
You're on top of the world
You're on top of the world tonight

Top of the World— from Yosemite

That is me on top of Glacier Point in Yosemite. I have a lot of stories to tell— but have not had the time to assemble them. Looking forward to telling all.

1 Excerpt from the Cheap Trick song: "On Top of The World" from the album Heaven Tonight.


Deb said...

the photos are AMAZING!

can't wait to hear about it in your own cajoh way!

Jillene said...

GREAT pictures!! Looks like you had a good vacation!!

Claremont First Ward said...

Amazing. I can't wait to hear more!

in time out said...

fun. thanks for the fun post. WOW.

in time out said...

oh, I really like your posts about why you blog. thanks for sharing.

hugs. ♥

Muthering Heights said...

What a great shot! I've heard that its a beautiful place.

Erin said...

Look at that sky! That is just amazing. I look forward to hearing more.

Missty said...

I love it!! Beautiful!! Can't wait to see and read more!

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