Monday, May 11, 2009

I'll see you on the Radio

When my wife and I got cable we got hooked on many of the new channels out there. I am not sure at what point we realized that the one of the CAN (Cable Access Network) channels also played the public radio station.

The way this channel works is that there is a program which shows a listing of options that you can call a local number and enter that number you see on the screen to find out more information. Pretty slick— but since there is no sound associated with the listing, the station chooses to broadcast one of the local radio stations as background noise. What is great is that we can just turn on the TV and turn on the CAN station and listen to the public radio station.

You can find us turning on the TV on a Saturday Morning and listening to Car Talk, then Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me!— then in the evening, we'll watch/listen to Prairie Home Companion. In fact there were some times when we knew we would miss one of our favorite radio shows, so we queued up the VCR and taped the show.

Does anybody else have something like this with their TV.


Anonymous said...

My hubbys favorite is Wait Wait but I am in love with the Car Guys. They just crack me up.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I am not aware of our TV being so magical... but I have to say that I adore PHC!! I grew up listening to it, have had the pleasure of seeing the show live (The Rhutabega Tour came to the Indiana State Fair several years back), and love when I am able to catch it these days (usually on the way home from church).

in time out said...

this is awesome....thanks for sharing. wow, radio and vcr's, haven't heard those words in ages...he your blog, your insights, thanks for writing.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

I've never heard of this, so cool!

Deb said...

we have something sort of similar. but we don't get the cool radio shows like the ones you mentioned.

Bill Lisleman said...

Ca-joh thanks for visiting my blog 'a few clowns short'.

I might post some thoughts about cable. It has a big influence on many people.

Back to your NPR via cable - that would be nice to have. Our cable system plays some music background but I never played much attention to it. I'm sure it's not radio.

Well as you know, I love Wait Wait. My wife and I did see it taped live once.

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