Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Birth of a Blog 02: Starting Out

If you read my previous post you realize that this blog was supposed to be a temporary placeholder for content in order to populate a Web site I wanted to start. I must admit that my first post was pretty lame. I have since edited my first post to be more of a "Welcome to this Blog" page— but here is what it said:

I am trying to refine my blogging style. Rather than wait for my Website to be completed, I will start blogging here. I may switch blogs later on, but may keep this around to give my audience a chance to switch.

I have always found that I have way too much information in my head and need a way of sharing it. Some things I know are quite long and would take to long to explain in a normal conversation. Other things are not the kind of thing that you can fit into a letter easily. This therefore becomes the place where I can just write.

At first I searched around to try and find out what others were writing about. I tend to revolve around relationships and philosophy so I figured I would search on that. I did find some philosophy blogs— but found that they were quite academic and difficult to read. It wasn't until I found a post by Whitney @ Mr and Mrs. Potato-head titled Personal Philosophy that I found a blog that was easy to read and opened the door to other people's blogs as well. It was nice to see other blogs that they read and I was able to go to them and check them out.

When visiting other blogs I was inspired to write posts of my own. It reminds me of grade-school when we used to tell jokes while waiting to go in after recess. So often someone told a joke and that triggered several other jokes that you knew that were related to the first joke. So often I read a post and it inspires me to write about something similar.

One of the things that helped me gain confidence in my writing was being able to comment on other people's posts. I try to be objective in my comments or offer words of support. This also allowed other authors the opportunity to know who I am and know how I write. It is unclear as to how many visited me based upon my comments, but I will reserve that discussion for tomorrow.


Wendyburd1 said...

I think that is how I came to your blog, you left a comment and I liked it and commented and then a vicious, lol, cycle started, I love the vicious cycle! Whitney is the best!!

Unknown said...

I found you from the He Blogs/She Blogs contest which I found from another blogger.
I think we all look back at our first posts and go, I really wrote that? Blog posts juts as we do evolve over time.

Jillene said...

I am sure that my first couple of months of blog posts were terrible. But I am trying to journal my life and so I guess it's o.k.

B said...

I like what you wrote about trying to refine your blogging style. It seems we all do that. One of the things that drew me in as far as your blog is concerned was the thought that goes into the little things, and your open and friendly nature.

Whitney R said...

Thanks for the shout out! I found all my blog friends through comments. Whether left on my blog or on someone elses. I always wondered how of all people you found me and now I know. It was the word "Philosophy". Funny since I almost didn't post that post cause I was late for class. :)

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