Friday, April 3, 2009

F2: I like fish that tastes like…

Welcome again to Friday's Feast. Today I'll be sharing a food related story. If you don't know what Friday's Feast is all about, please read the Friday's Feast page for a more detailed explanation. If you want to join in on the feast, be sure to leave a comment and include the URL to your post so I and others can know of your contribution.

The other day, my wife and I were watching our grandson. During this time a song came on public radio as a part of The Annoying Music Show that had the phrase "I like fish that tastes like chicken" sung over and over again. Boys will be boys— so by the time we got into the car to pick up his mom, he was in the back seat chiming away at different iterations of the phrase.

Author's Note: These are snippets of the conversation that I remember. I may not be totally accurate as to who may have said what (those darn aliens)— but you get the chicken picture:

  • I like fish that tastes like barbed wire
  • I like fish that tastes like cars

    Pretty clever of him. Then he started to get gross…

  • I like fish that tastes like camels
  • I like fish that tastes like bugs
  • I like fish that tastes like buggers
  • I like fish that tastes like pee
  • I like fish that tastes like Grandpa
  • I like fish that tastes like dirt

    At this point I had to join in the fun…

  • I like fish that tastes like chicken
    (Grandson: no, you can't say that Grandpa…)
  • I like fish that tastes like fish
    (Wife: come on, isn't that obvious)

    His phrases got more and more weird…

  • I like fish that tastes like Elvis
    (Me: A hunk-a hunk-a burnin' fish…)
  • I like fish that tastes like Johnny Cash…

Where that one came into play— I'll never know. Being the Radio Head that I am, I was able to put the hunk-a burnin' fish and Johnny Cash together and started singing a parody on Ring of Fire:

"I fell into a burnin' ring of Fish…". It was at this point that my grandson was the most profound. Here is what he started singing:

I fell into a burning trampoline
It was full of fish so I could eat while I die
And I could have a souvenir in heaven.

If that boy doesn't grow up to be an author or a poet… he'll at least be a comedian.


Unknown said...

That's cute. I will say some of his choices were sorta gross. But that's little boys for you.
I'm going with poet, that last bit is pretty good.

Lori said...

This is too cute and fun! You sound like such a fun grandpa and I am sure your grandson loves these times with you that you sing silly with him. I love Johnny Cash so I would love to have heard your version of it. I know little boys can get gross but little boys are the best!

One of these days I am going to remember that you have this Friday Feast here and join in. I think it's a great idea!

Unknown said...

Please go wish my friend Julie a Happy Blogoversary today!

Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor said...

Very funny stuff. Damnit, I like fish that tastes, well, like fish. I think my water story today will work as a contribution. Be well and thanks for stopping by earlier.

Matt Pfingsten said...

Holy cow! I'm pretty sure there's some Lennon-esque meaning in there somewhere. Did he mention the eggman?

Wendyburd1 said...

I only like fish that doesn't taste like fish, LOL! Seriously though. My fave is Gorton's Haddock Fillets (breaded of course). Lots of ketchup too!!

Camille said...

This makes me hungry for salmon.

Julie D said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and helping me get over 100 comments on my blogiversary!!

SweetPeaSurry said...

he he he ... my nephew sings 'Ring of Fire' he's a riot too!

I missed Friday's feast, as I slept practically all day and night. I will NOW be working friday nights so I'll be able to join in. (Which means I won't be at home and unfocused, I'll be at work and in need of something to keep my occupied as I'm a VERY VERY efficient worker! HAH)

bright blessings!

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! Those times are what make the best memories (and great blog posts.)

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