Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute: Followers-of-the-Blog-02

When Tuesday Tribute was created— I had an idea to do a spotlight on my followers. I thought… what a great way of promoting their blogs and give them credit for bearing with my narrative/technical-writer style of writing. I decided to write to those followers that I could and ask two questions so that their words could be a part of the post:

  1. What reason do you have for following my blog?
    I know this may seem selfish, but I am curious what motivated you to sign up.
  2. Why do you think that others follow your own blog?
    I know why I do and will let you know in my post along with my impressions on what your blog is to me.

I decided I would list my followers in the order in which they signed up. I realized that posting on all of my followers would be a very long post— so I am breaking it up into smaller manageable pieces.

Here is what my next ten followers have to say:

Heinous @ Irregularly Periodic Ruminations

I was drawn to this blog when I was reading someones post about the birth of a blog. After reading some of their posts… I was hooked. I truly love the "off-the-cuff" style of writing that is employed. Heinous is one of the creators of a new feature called "He Blogs, She Blogs" where people submit questions and both Heinous and Petra give their take on the questions. Unfortunately Heinous is currently on sabbatical and the torch has been passed on to someone else to be the "He" portion. Even so… be sure to check out his blog.

kel @ Girl in the Glasses
Author's Note: This blog no longer exists.

I forget how I came across this one, but I was drawn by the cool header of the blog. It looks like a Wii game person or something like that. Kel indicated that her dad says it looks like her— so it must be pretty accurate. Kel is a book person who loves reading and will give an occasional book review. Here is what Kel has to say:

  1. I follow your blog because it's not often that men are as open as you are. It's nice to hear a guys take on things once in awhile (as long as it agrees with mine… lol)
  2. I don't know…lately I have been in a blog funk…can't seem to come up with much to blog about!
CK Lunchbox @ Clark Kent's Lunchbox

This was a blog that was recommended by someone in their post. I was drawn to the fact that it was very well written and interspersed daily life with Superman. I also noticed CK appeared to be from Chicago (cool), but has recently moved onto another metropolis (sigh). Here is what CK Lunchbox has to say:

  1. There are so many good blogs to read, but as my time continued to become more and more constrained it was difficult to dedicate time to search out new sites to follow. That being the case, the two major ways for me to discovering people started coming from either blog comments or recommendations from other bloggers. In the case of Ca-Joh, it was a double whammy, you left me a comment and I think Petra (The Wise Young Mommy) mentioned you to me. After checking your blog out it had intelligent content, it has humor, and most importantly, it's honest. You're not trying to be anyone else on the blogosphere other than yourself. Readers aren't stupid and can sniff out fakes pretty quick. The fact you aren't afraid to publish your poetry is a good example. Doing so takes a great deal of courage. As a Lit Major in college, I can attest to the fact poetry is difficult literary genre to take on, and it requires you to open yourself up in order for others to want to read it. The other thing I would add is that I always want to promote community through blogging so connecting with you makes a bridge for others who follow me to experience Ca-Joh for themselves. Plus, you're from Chicago and I would sell a kidney to get back there - I'm kidding, that's not a criteria for me, just a bonus.
  2. Why do others follow Clark's Lunchbox? That is a question I ask almost anytime I get a comment, new follower or stat counter report. On one hand it's validating, but at the same time, it's even more humbling to think someone actually get's some ounce of value from my musings. Certainly, every blogger gets those sporadic few who comment selfishly hoping it will be reciprocated, with no real interest in building a community. Again, it goes back to the honesty issue, which I think shows through on the Lunchbox. I gained a big boost in readership after being candid about my struggles with depression. That's not an easy subject for me to admit to, but one that many can relate to. Reading about from someone else, however, might provide some level of comfort to them - at least I hope so anyway. I'm certainly not looking for attention or validation for my opinions. Also, I love humor. It's very complex, but something almost everyone can relate to. I try to make my humor somewhat intelligent - no potty humor, unless it involves something the kids did, and it will spark a bit of dialogue. Finally, I think readers see the Lunchbox as accessible, meaning I interact with followers as much as possible. Allot of big timers don't respond to comments, which is fine. I don't know how they could? I saw one blogger who had over 1,110 comments on just one post last week. People understand the practicality associated with the author addressing every comment, but still I think those readers leave comments because a part of them want their input to matter. Interacting on the Lunchbox has retained readers, but I have to admit with the increasing demands on my time that is becoming more and more difficult which makes me feel as if I'm snubbing people. I've started posting only two or three times a week to mitigate this somewhat, but I still worry about a tipping point. A huge readership is both a blessing and a curse to some extent. As a blog gets bigger it also starts becoming less personal which, in my opinion, means ensuring the content is of such a high caliber of quality and interest it continues to bring in readership. I'm rambling; forgive me.
Threeboys1mommy @ Three Boys One Mommy
Authors Note: This author is no longer publishing. When I spoke to the author about having a private blog, they indicated that they were planning on redesigning the site, but never finished.

I do not know how I stumbled across this blog… but I was immediately hooked. I love the "off-the-cuff" style of writing and especially how it is integrated with cartoons created by the author who nicknames herself Supermommy. I had to chuckle a bit when I saw that Supermommy followed right after Clark Kent— I now am being watched over by two super heroes. Here is what Threeboys1mommy (AKA: Supermommy) has to say:

  1. I really don't like getting caught up in these I'll read your blog if you'll read mine relationships, but I do make a point of visiting everyone that took the time to leave me a comment. That said, not everyone I visit gets a comment back because I don't believe in paying lip service to someone just to be nice. It takes the fun out of the experience for me.

    I think this is what most people expect with this Follow widget. I followed her so she'll follow me. The blogs I follow, are blogs that I read not blogs that I followed back just to be nice. Why follow CJ? I wont lie I like that your a male, there are only a handful of male writers in my reader. Your content is different than the mommy stuff I'm used to which I find refreshing.

  2. The answer to this one is easy CJ, my followers follow me because I dangled a prize in their face ;-)
Ryan @ toobizarre.blogspot.com

If you like pictures, this blog has at least one every day. This is one of those blogs that I know I had not seen before and am curious as to why they chose to follow. Ryan, if you can comment and let me know I'll be sure to edit this post.

blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell

This is one of those blogs where I like the name of the blog… so I followed. I have found that whenever I get a comment my dyslexia kicks in and I think… "blue velvet" instead of blue violet and I have to shake it off— (especially since her avatar and favicon are violets). Blueviolet participates in many blog activities which makes her posts have a lot of variety which is fun to read. Here is what Blueviolet has to say:

  1. When someone signs up to follow me, I will visit their blog and comment and I like to follow them back because I like knowing when they've updated and it's a symbol that there's an on-line friendship there.

    That being said, I've recently discovered that Blogger only allows you to follow 200 blogs (which is ridiculous and we all need to band together to get them to change that.)

  2. I hope that people are following my blog because they enjoy reading what I have to say. I'd like to think that I bring the occasional smile to someones face. My readers become my friends so when they stop by to visit me, it makes me happy.
Jess to the Lo @ Jessie to the Lo
Author's Note: This blog has turned private.

I followed this blog because they followed me. I like the honesty of Jess' posts— it's always refreshing to find some seriousness mixed in with the daily musings of life. Many posts are very thought provoking— which I always like to read. Here is what Jess has to say:

  1. I found a link to your site on blogstalkers with the headline of Tuesday will be your Lucky Day. I just had to check that one out, I thought it might have to do with a funny Chinese restaurant story and a fortune from a cookie or something kooky like that. I was intrigued by the conversation/superstition between your sister and you. So I kept reading.

    I read about Moving without Moving, and found your wife's humor and insight was close to my own. I read about the Kitchen Sink-Gate and was hooked, you have a gift for telling tales. Your writing style was approachable to me, I felt that I could talk to you in person and feel comfortable and really enjoy our conversation.

    I decided to follow your blog to keep up to date on your happenings, I have a terrible memory and I know I would not remember to come back and check your blog if I did not add it to my googlereader! Then I read about your dog: Wordful Wednesday-Spikester Diddly Dog and I just lost it! Too funny and too close to my heart; pound mutts!

    It seems like many people out here in blog world care only for have a number on their follower's list, you do not seem to strike me as one of those bloggers. You comment on my blog as much as I do on yours. You seem to be interested in what I have to say and do not pass judgement; something that I am finding is pretty common in my blog adventures.

  2. If I was forced to give you a direct answer to this question, which I am guessing is what you want, I would have to say that I am a real person sharing real things that are happening to my family and to myself. (this was my second attempt at this answer, but I am also including my first attempt because it is very true to me.)

    To be honest I am not sure. I have friends that I have known for years that are some of my followers, I love that they take the time to read my little spot in the cyber web of crazy stuff. People that I do not know personally that have decided to follow my blog are kind of a mystery to me. I love that they take the time to read what I have sent out to the world and comment at times. But, I am not sure what drew them to my blog in the first place, most of my newer followers have come from blogstalkers. What I try to do is keep my real personality in the blog, I do not try to make myself appear to be anything else than what I am. I try to share the down and the ups.

The Crash Test Dummy @ Crash Test Dummy Diaries

I forget which six degrees of separation I found this blog, but who can't resist a blog with Crash Test Dummy in the name— (why I always think of the band of the same name escapes me). Crash lives in Hawaii so it is always nice to see some warm weather when things are cold here in Chi-town. Crash also has a very good wit that makes her posts very entertaining to read. Here is what Crash has to say:

  1. I follow you because remind me of Yoda, you do. You're wise and insightful and I love that combination.

    Another reason I was drawn to you was because of how respectful you are of your wife. I like to hear a man talk about his wife with so much consideration and kindness.

  2. I don't know why my peeps follow me? I think it's because they're crazy (or bored). Actually I think the people who like my humor are either super smart or super dumb. People who are sort of smart or sort of dumb don't get me at all.

    For the more real answer, (in case you need more and you want to get more serious) I think some people follow my blog simply because they need a good laugh, and some follow because they like to think and laugh at the same time. I always like to mix truth in with my crazy antics to make a point. My goal is to prick the soul and touch the heart while tickling the funny bone. I also want everyone to feel included, like it's a bunch of friends hanging out sharing some love and laughs, so I try to find at least one blog a day to send my peeps to for hugs or high fives.

Debbie @ Suburb Sanity
Author's Note: This blog no longer exists.

When I saw the name of this blog, I liked it and followed. Debbie has a great way of highlighting the ordinary in a humorous way— and has a lot of insite when it comes to keeping sane when everything around you appears to be insane. Here's what Debbie has to say:

  1. I like your blog because you are sincere and positive. I also like the fact that you take the time to read my blog and comment on my posts. Your comments always reflect that you have actually read the post and you always leave excellent comments. We seem to follow quite a few of the same blogs and I think when that happens, we are likely to have some of the same interests and experiences.
  2. And as far as why others follow me? Misery loves company.
The Wife O Riley @ Living the Life with the Wife of Riley

I believe I started following this blog because of the funny avatar of Mama behind bars. I have seen a few posts with Johnny Depp as the theme which I suspect is a regular feature. Here is what The Wife O Riley has to say:

  1. The first time I read your blog, you were talking about the heat wave of '95. Having lived through that as well, I really liked your "take" on it. I am a huge fan of what I like to call "Stories in the City" different people in the same city doing different things on the same day. I really have no idea if it's an actual genre or what it's called, or if I make any sense at all. But that is one of the reasons I follow you. I also like how you talk about your wife and I like learning new things that I can do in the city.
  2. I have absolutely no idea why anyone follows me. I started writing this blog a year ago and no one ever read it, all of a sudden this summer people started reading it and liking it. I try to be honest, entertaining, and I also try to talk about things that people might be interested in.

Interestingly the number of followers I have has increased from twenty-three to thirty since I started sending out the questionnaire… so I stopped sending it out after my 30th follower. Stay tuned— the next ten will be featured next week.


Unknown said...

I like this post. There are some blogs you list that I have never heard of before and will have to check them out.
I really like how you are making an effort to connect with your readers and know who they are. It's refreshing!

Debbie said...

It's always interesting to see what your other followers had to say.

B said...

I love hearing why these people follow you because I agree with them all!

Deb said...

this is a great series!

Halftime Lessons said...

Wow...that is an impressive response, pal...you obviously make people think, and they seem to love it! No wonder I get such short comments...they are using all their energy on you!



Erin said...

It is really interesting to read what other people think of you, and you of them, and them of themselves. What a great idea you had in putting this together!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Psst... be sure you check out my blog... got something for you over there...

The Wife O Riley said...

Yeah, the Johnny Depp thing is sort of my thing every Monday.

Sarah said...

I enjoyed reading this post. I follow people whose blogs I have read, and find some connection. They aren't necessarily the ones I visit every day. I enjoy reading the blogs of the followers I have, and commenting on their posts. I have a wonderful group of ladies who comment regularly, and they are a blessing.

I visited Clark Kent the other day, and I think he would enjoy my Wordless Wednesday ~ I took a pic of my youngest in a superman outfit that was blurred so it makes him look like he was flying ~ plus the pic loaded sideways ~ creating an even greater illusion of flight.

Aracely said...

I love Debs Misery loves company reply that must be why she has over 100 followers ;-)

I love the way this came together CJ great idea.

in time out said...

this is a great idea. what a nice tribute. i follow because i LOVE your writing. and you have amazing ideas. Very inspiring. I will be checking out some of those blogs. Thanks for the insight.

Wendyburd1 said...

Yoda. LOL, I love it!

Anonymous said...

i'm really enjoying this series and i am super hyped that i made your top 30 cut off list hehe

Anonymous said...

I like this post too - I like the fact that you spotlight blogs that I may not have come across otherwise. I think I may have just missed the 30 cutoff mark.

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