Friday, December 26, 2008

Paula falls into a pile of rocks

When I was at ISU I had a classmate who showed up to class on crutches. When I inquired about what happened, she proceeded to tell me the story of how she was with a group of friends who were carrying her and she sprained her ankle when they set her down. I forget the exact details of the story, but it did inspire me to write a poem.

Paula falls into a pile of rocks
was she drunk this time I say not

But careless she was while carried in sway
when we put her down her legs just gave way

And what is to be learned by this gracious tale
not to wind up in jail when put on your socks



Mama Wheaton said...

Do you keep all your writings? I noticed the date, I've moved around so much I don't have any of my writings from earlier.

kel said...

very funny!

Deb said...

very clever! didn't realize you were a poet, as well as a philosopher! figures, tho.

merry christmas to you!

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