Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Healthy Wealthy and Wise

For 2008, my New Year's Resolution was to be Healthy Wealthy and Wise. The reasons for this "catch-phrase" I will try to explain and let you know how I fared this year.

Last year I got a membership to the YMCA and wanted to get back to my workout routine. Except for a couple of weeks where I had to go into work early, I have been going most mornings during the week. I also am very pleased that one time when I weighed myself I weighed the lowest I have been for several years— though I have not weighed myself lately to know if I kept the weight off.
At year's end last year I was struggling financially and wanted to get a second job to help make ends meet. After this didn't seem to pan out, I changed it and tried to have a wealth of friends instead. However it does not appear that I have an overabundance of friends either. In fact… I may have acquired someone who considers me their enemy— but I cannot be sure of that. I must admit that my financial situation has leveled off and I am not struggling anymore— so I guess I should have stuck to my original resolution after all.
It is hard to say if I have gained any wisdom. I guess it all depends on what you consider "being wise". I'm sure if I look back on the year, I know that I have learned something… but if what I have learned has made me wise is up for debate.

Though it may appear to me that I have failed many of my resolutions— I realize that it is a process and that it does not end once the year ends. I will continue to apply these resolutions in my life moving forward, and also have a new resolution for 2009.

Happy New Year!


Ash said...

Hey, I figure you beat about half the people who make resolutions because you remember what they were!!

Happy New Year!!!

Kristen said...

Congratulations on being healthier and sticking with the gym.
I hope this new year will be good for you.
Have a Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

I think that's a great way of looking at things. Resolutions really should be longer term than a year, huh? Good luck with 2009's continuation of yours!

Lee said...

Good luck! Best wishes for the New Year.

Aracely said...

No enemy here. Good luck to you and happy new year to you and your entire family.

kel said...

Ok... so I am totally stealing your idea of "healthy, wealthy and wise"! Those are my three goals this year as well.

COngrasts on the gym usage!! I hate gyms!!!

hope you have a great year!

Deb said...

okay the wealthy paragraph made me laugh. i can't picture you with a nemesis!

good job on the healthy... i have finally realized that if i am going to stay healthy i am going to have to exercise regularly. i know what a huge commitment it is. we joined a gym in april and some days have been a mental struggle to get there, but after, i am always glad i went.

finally, your posts reflect how wise you really are. you can definitely check that one off!

what's in store for next year? do tell!

Cajoh said...

Thank you all for your best wishes. Now that it is the new year I'll give you a hint as to what my resolution is for 2009— Inclusiveness.

Wish me luck.

Melanie Jacobson said...

That line about deciding to have a wealth of friends instead of financial wealth? That's why I like you. Because you think like that.

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