Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Multiple personalities

No, I'm not Sybil…

I must admit that I am my parent's child. Looking at some of my physical traits you can tell that I am genetically related to them— my flattened nose from my Dad, my crooked bottom teeth from my Mom, etc., etc. But I also know that I have inherited other things as well.

Besides the fact that Mom likes cream in her coffee— Dad likes sugar… and I like both cream and sugar, I know that I have inherited some distinct personality traits.

Sophisticated — Sarcastic
I get my sophistication from my Dad. He's the one who taught me how to order in a restaurant, how to tie a tie, and how to think logically. I think that he also influenced my "old fashioned" nature and my desire to wear hats, shave with a straight razor, etc. Not to say that he's a stuffed-shirt— he can also be quite funny— but this is what I notice to have gleaned from him.
I get my sarcasm from my Mom. We were always trying to top one another and usually wind up saying… "you won the smart alack of the year award". Not to say that she's always goofy, but she does have an interesting wit that I also have in abundance.
Personal — Professional
My mother is very personable. She's the one I always had those heart to heart talks with when in my formative years and I always appreciate her care and concern. I believe I got most of my parenting skills from her and know that I am thoughtful and loving towards others because of it.
My father— though retired now— has a lot of professionalism that I greatly respect. It's his work ethic that I admire and I try to emulate his dedication to the task at hand in the work that I do.

"First impressions are everything" they seem to say… but it may be that if I lean towards one of my traits, I do not get the acclamation or respect that I think I deserve. I may be quite sarcastic at times which seems to effect my being personal because people don't take me seriously. Or, I may be acting quite professional and later tell a very subtle joke that nobody gets. If you understand that I am a combination of these traits, you should be able to understand me better in the long run.


Deb said...

ah yes... those apples rarely fall too far from the tree, indeed.

interesting post. are you an only, oldest or youngest? i wonder if that plays a role in what you inherit personality-wise, or if it is already a genetic done deal at birth.

my oldest is exactly like me (the good AND the bad). the only thing he has in common with his dad is his love/obsession with expensive cars.

my youngest is NOTHING like me, and is exactly like his dad (even the car thing).

as they grow older, the differences have caused conflict, mainly, i think from a lack of understanding. the similarities cause conflict because, well, they know exactly what buttons to push.

anyway, didn't mean to get long-winded.

Cajoh said...

I am the youngest of two (my sister is 5 years older than I). Interestingly I have found that personality traits in our family seem to pass from Mother—Son, Father—Daughter… though I must admit that I am not an avid reader like my mother and her father before her.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

I think alot of quirks people have are genetic. My oldest is a miniture (ok, not miniture anymore) version of his dad (my ex). My middle son looks and acts EXACTLY like my husband...which is not a good thing. They are both so hard headed that all they do is fight. My youngest has alot of me in him, which I love. He is so easy to be around and the only real behavior issues we have had were all picked up from watching his older brothers.

Anonymous said...

This is why you blog. It's easier to put on the face that's appropriate here. Or find people who are equally sarcastic and personal. That's why I like this anyway.

Wendyburd1 said...

combo's are good...all that cheese and pretzely goodnes, mmmmm, lOL

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